Comic Book Review: Blossoms 666 #1


Who doesn’t love a good new addition to Archie Horror? The books I’ve invested in from this line of horror stories has surprisingly yet to disappoint me. So when they announced one involving the Blossom twins? I couldn’t help get a bit antsy to see what this one had in store for us. It’s not every day that a story will be bold enough to take characters like these as the lead. Particularly when so many watch Riverdale and might forget that they are even twins at this point.

As a horror story, this one was pretty obscure compared to some of the other horror stories. Most of those were pretty quick to jump into what you were expecting to unfold. This one played very well into giving us a sense of suspense. I would say that half of this issue played out as a normal day in the town of Riverdale. All the things we followed during that chosen day of classes was everything you were pretty much used to. The only difference of course being that there was a strong involvement of the Blossoms in a lot of key character interactions. They were fairly out of character as well. All of their actions taken with the endgame of making sure that everyone went to their party. It was all so weird, but it made you that much more interested in where this was all going. Is something sinister supposed to happen at this party? Are these twins already in that dark place? Something was off, and working up to those answers was worth the wait in set-up.

The characterization of Cheryl and Jason was chilling for everything you couldn’t see on the surface about these two. A lot of the time you can expect these two to be antagonistic, but there was only a couple of instances in this issue where they were like that. And even then? Nothing was really as it seemed about them when they had other plans in mind for who they were manipulating in the moment. Regardless, it was refreshing to have a story out there where you could soak in this dynamic. Surely they are still a thing in the Archie ongoing, but you also can’t expect that everyone is following that book.

There was only one thing that could hurt this first issue, and that is the risk in too many things unknown about the direction that this is taking. We know that they harbor a dark secret that one of the Blossom Twins is the Anti-Christ. We know that they both want the title. Though how does one become the Anti-Christ? As they say, the devil is in the details. That cliffhanger at the end of the issue didn’t leave us with too much to anticipate about what comes next. It created more confusion than anything else to the vagueness we are hit with.

The art team of Laura Braga and Matt Herms was fitting for a book like this. I enjoyed the style of interior work that seems to be somewhat of a thing with these horror books. To be specific, I mean the pale colors that tend to be used, on top of the grainy overlay. That aside, I enjoyed the pencils from Laura very much. Her work here was very expressive and detailed for the approach taken to these characters. Their likeness borderline what you are used to from the comics, and what you are familiar with from the tv series. Not a bad mix to go with since there is no right way to draw these characters. That goes specifically for Cheryl and Jason who have a stylish wardrobe. You expect the rich kids to wear some unique clothing, and that is what you got from both of them from start to finish. It also goes without saying that the lettering had a solid theme to it as well which works very well for these horror stories. Between the word boxes and the bold yellow letters, it’s also something you are used to seeing that doesn’t stand out too much.

Blossoms 666 #1 is a new story with potential. This is the Blossom Twins as you have never seen them before. There will be some work that has to be put into the second issue to give us something to be fully invested in, but for now Blossoms 666 is a chilling start to a new brand of horror lurking within the heart of Riverdale.

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