Comic Book Review: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 11 #4


Who would have ever thought that after everything we have been through that we would end up here of all places. Safe Zone? Definitely not what you have in mind compared to the way that term is used today. Buffy and friends have saved the world time and time again, surely more times than the world recognizes, and yet this is the way they are repaid when the world decides they want to let fear control their actions to save themselves.

Little time was wasted taking us into what life is like within the Safe Zone. This was wise knowing that most readers will want to get straight to point with these kind of things. Having them already settled in is better than the risk of boring us with the details of them trying to adjust. Of course following Buffy’s perspective was smart because we got to see the way the government actually thought through the living conditions for the supernatural. It shows that they have been paying attention, though of course not enough for there to be adjustments for the humans who don’t quite fit here. ‘Desperate Times’ was a little on the cheek for the situation Buffy, Willow, and Spike find themselves in though all the same still accurate. Especially when seeing what Buffy and Spike do to help each other was a true testament to their relationship. The trials all of them go through really tapped into their potential for survival because most of all that is the game they are forced to play.

Challenging the safety of the Safe Zone from within is what grabs you the most. Protecting the world from the supernatural is easy enough, that has already been accomplished through this camp, but you can never ignore the danger that the supernatural can pose to themselves. It didn’t take very long to see where things could go wrong and you surely were awaiting the worst when natural enemies living together and low blood rations for the vampires was going to become too much to handle.

The way time passes I liked take note of. Just as it was preferable to jump into the Safe Zone with them already settled in, it was better to see that time would progress a bit faster too while within. This choice made it clear that Christos Gage was looking at this long-term considering the Safe Zone again is just an interment camp which comes with the bigger question of how long it will last.

It was a bit shocking to see that Georges Jeanty was taking over on pencils along with Dexter Vines on inks. When it comes to Buffy I will say that sometimes your love for certain things can become territorial not seeing someone key such as Rebekah Isaacs working on it. With that said, as far as who you would take in place of an artist like her, Goerges Jeanty did feel like the next best thing. I’m also a bit more used to him drawing Serenity, but won’t lie that his style is fitting for both worlds. He knows how to tap into the darkness that this chapter of their story demands. I will admit that with changes in perspective sometimes the face do look a bit awkward, but up close he captures them in more detail and expression. It was also appreciated being able to take in the idea that all of this was really taking its toll on Buffy and Spike physically. The pain and tiring is all over their face which engages you on that level where you want to see them do something all of this. Dan Jackson matched the style of Jeanty and Vines very well. The use of darker colors was just what the story needed to emphasize the bleak atmosphere created from this imprisonment that is only getting worse.

Things can only get worse before they get any better by the end of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 11 #4. The writing here has been spot on with so much maturity displayed in how Buffy, Spike and Willow handle keeping themselves and those around them safe. This doesn’t come without risk, but they couldn’t have made it this far if they weren’t ready.

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