Comic Book Review: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 11 #5


The previous issue of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 11 took us into what they call life within the Safe Zone. The way they adapted into this so-called new life through both the good and the bad. The point they brought us in was key as this truly evolved into a story of survival and what you would do to protect those closest to you around the very people you are sworn to protect as a whole. A tough position to be in, especially when you’re Buffy and are forced to do the one thing that hurts your pride the most.

Going into this issue I really wanted to see what changes Buffy would experience now that she had become a trustee. Its one thing for anyone else to become one, but it is almost hypocritical in every way for Buffy of all people to take that position. Not that she wants to, and that would clearly come with backlash. What she faces now felt like the natural reaction, even more aggressive than it was before when she was simply trying to keep the peace being herself. Residents pushing for confrontations of any kind so far is the worst to deal with, but what Buffy puts into motion herself grabs your attention so much more. I think we all knew the way this story would go eventually and this seems to be that point where better ideas come into play about their future in this place.

With that said, I do love what this Safe Zone has brought out in Willow and Buffy. You’ve never seen them so passionate about what they did till that way of life was now threatened. This might have been the right kick in the butt they have needed regardless of the cost. The reality check all the same was still a tough pill to swallow. I guess we really needed to draw that line between what is right and wrong even if that meant cracking some eggs.

What struggles Willow faces here was another reason to look forward to this issue. We talk about compromises and she faces some of the biggest yet. When you are human and you find something so fantastic like magic, what does it feel like when they want to punish you for something that makes you feel whole? What Willow reveals she is capable of at a time like this for the safety of the other wiccans was huge. Not only as a weight to bare on her shoulders but a testament to how strong she really has become up to this point.

At this point I’m very comfortable with Georges Jeanty as penciler and Dexter Vines on inks. As always when starting out there are some bumps, but these two have really captured the quality of work which engages us visually. First off course the likeness of the characters is spot on between the way they carry themselves and the way they react to certain situations. Definitely they get it in the way Buffy herself has this strong presence while maturing to the point where she can be as open and understanding to those around her. Saying the things she does is one thing, but it is another thing to make her look like she means what she is saying. The same can be said for Willow who has a strong range of emotions and expressions throughout, all pressing the fact that she has some big decisions to make about the safety of these girls and what they apparently hold very sacred. Dexter Vines really brings out the details in all of this. The depth through shadow and what gives the pencils form. As for Dan Jackson, there is a solid consistency with his colors though what stands out most here is the way he has a unique set of colors for each demon. No two demon really looks the same because of the colors and varying tones of their skin.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 11 #5 really stood as a statement for what it is Buffy, Willow and Dawn are fighting for. As Spike said himself they are going to have to make some compromises and this issue was only a taste. It’s good that at the end of the day this creative team is not looking to hold our hands as this isn’t the kind of story where you should hold back.

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