Comic Book Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12: The Reckoning #2


The debut issue for this new season was one heck of an introduction back into the Buffyverse. There was no stone left unturned for Buffy and the Scoobies who had a whole year to get their lives together, for the most part, with little obstacle to deal with involving the next big bad. It’s funny how all it really takes is the next big bad stepping up for them all to quickly spring into action, but awesome nonetheless because no one has missed a step through the downtime they had. I’m still on the fence about the need for this to involve time travel, but this series hasn’t let us down yet.

Transitioning into this second issue, there was of course the tension that needed to be quickly squashed in order to move forward. With this being a miniseries, I’m glad that pacing was kept in mind when trying to find a resolution so that the problem of Harth could be addressed. When the dust settled, what I enjoyed about what happened next is that it felt like everyone was simply doing what they do best. The only difference this time was the added numbers to their ranks and some startling discoveries about the Scoobies past and future while doing their homework on this new threat. Who they turned to for help did bring back some memories of the previous adventure in this future, but even more so was who they found out was still somehow kicking despite everyone else from their present long gone. While this person’s aid was unexpected, the story of what happened for Buffy and the Scoobies to meet their demise was indeed tragic. It was one thing to see what happened during that battle, but it was another thing entirely to understand where everything fell apart after. There was some spark of hope, but so much more that leaves you with a heavy heart.

Focusing on just the outlook on the future, that was a point of interest when many questions were raised about how these heroes meet their end. Not just the how, but the mental state in coming to terms that not one of them will be around when this period comes around. Mortality is a big thing to explore in a supernatural world if you ask me. Especially one where the rules are consistently bent to fit someone’s needs. There’s no telling if fate can be fought here, but it was exciting to see what develops when everyone says to hell with what might be written in stone.

My only issue is that this again is all a refresher course when it comes to Buffy and the gang traveling to the future a second time. That seemed like forever ago, which means things like the future slang once more was hard to not find bothersome. In any story involving the future, it is troublesome when the dialogue is so on the nose as if there is actually a reason for someone to say you slack at something rather than you sucking at it.

I continued to enjoy the artwork from this team. As I said in issue #1, this is some of the better work that I have seen from Georges Jeanty and Karl Story. Both jump into this miniseries with focus and detail between their pencils and inks. There was a clear understanding of how engaged we needed to feel during the scenes with emotional impact. Strong close-ups, everyone in focus. little detail lost to perspective. Things did get a little choppy when they tried to fit a lot going on at the same time, but they always put quality into capturing the emotional expression from these characters as they reacted and responded to revelations of their future. It goes without saying that it does seem they enjoy the room to stretch their legs journeying to the future and creating many different demons. This includes Dan Jackson who finds consistency in bringing it all together. I was more impressed this time around by his ability to create a strong range of colors which brings out a more organic look to their characters and world around them.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12: The Reckoning #2 was a roller coaster of emotions as these heroes are faced with what they know happens and what they are willing to do to defy destiny. By the end of this issue I found much more comfort in how this creative team aims to handle the theme of time.

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