Comic Book Review: Captain Marvel #5


Captain Marvel #5With this fifth issue it feels like this book is now starting to live up to the title of this first arc, ‘Rise of The Alpha Flight’. Captain Marvel over a short amount of time has risen higher than she ever has before, and now is doing everything within her power to stay afloat. Though the power in this story is that she doesn’t have to be this way, not alone that is. The strength of this story has been the way she is coming into being leader of Alpha Flight, and their dedication to helping her see the worst through to the end.

Captain Marvel #5 begins with us right in the thick of it when she and the crew of Alpha Flight Space station are finding themselves face-to-face with their greatest threat to date. Up to this point the best thing about this series consistently is the balance between action and character development. Character development most for the fact that Carol is coming a long way since she took on this job. Before she was the type to run away from this kind of responsibility, as she said herself she doesn’t like to be anchored anywhere too long. So this was an experience for her. Growing as a person who can truly carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. All the makings of the hero she has always meant to be.

The fun in this issue comes from the crew’s dynamic under this kind of duress. This creative team took every opportunity to capture what is unique about every member as everything they are capable of mattered when it was crunch time. Ability to adjust to shifting circumstances, thinking under pressure, being able to engineer a ship that has taken more damage than it should be able to handle. A lot of this came down to trust which meant working with a Carol who can catch you off guard with what she is willing to do in order to get the job done without casualties. This wasn’t a situation where things are bleak and that felt better knowing there was that silver lining at the end of the tunnel. They just had to reach for it, and they surely had fun in doing so.

The traitor on the station was the only thing that could have disappointed only because it wrapped up very fast. Didn’t have too much payout aside from making a bad situation progressively worse until it was handled. The good thing was that there was a somewhat genuine reason for the attacks.

From start to finish of ‘Rise of The Alpha Flight’ this art team nailed all that you could find thrilling about this series. First of all I will always admit that Anka draws the best Captain Marvel. Someone who gets the presence she demands when she walks into the room. The detail in her suit pops, she can be fun while at the same time serious. For Captain Marvel #5 I have to say that it is the way she is drawn around the rest of Alpha Flight which stands out most. This may be her series, though they are all favorable for the way that they each individually grab your attention. Not just for the unique style of their costumes, but for the way that they are all given in voice in what is going on. We see them as much as we see Carol, especially Puck who is always a delight when he springs into action. As usual Matthew Wilson knocked it out the park with the colors he uses to bring out the cosmic elements in this story. The highlights, depth, and texture all comes from the colors he applies to make things pop out till the very end.

Only thing that might be overlooked is near the end where a couple word bubbles are switched around in a conversation between Brandt and Carol.

Captain Marvel #5 wraps up the first arc and I do have to say it leaves you wanting more. Captain Marvel is not the hero you want to sleep on. She gets around, she enjoys what she does even when it gets stressful, and she’s a lot more down to Earth than your average hero. This was an excellent set up to what this will have in store for us as we also have the best cast for her to work off of. First time in a while you can say you really like Brandt which is an accomplishment.

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