Comic Book Review: Captain Marvel #6


Captain Marvel (2016-) 006-000aHere we go. As great as Captain Marvel has been, now we begin to move into tie-in territory. Which is always a fearful period for Marvel fans because it can be hit or miss. Not to mention if your book is tied too heavily to an event you have zero interest in. This might be Captain Marvel at her finest, and in her toughest fight yet, but certainly you want this to be something you can follow knowing you won’t get lost along the way.

The good thing about this new story arc is that you really don’t need to know much about what happened previously. They survived their first mission, the space station nearly got torn to shreds in the process, and they spent their time after picking up the pieces. Now while this is a tie-in to Civil War II, they chose an interesting time to jump into the story. Mainly because for the solo series now connecting to the rest of the Marvel Universe means catching it up with the events of Thanos’ attack. It’s a build up to that moment in the start and that is what grabs you. Especially with Rhodey having such a part in Carol’s life leading up to those moments. While not something we look forward to in this issue, that at least tells us this creative team is putting the effort into making this as self-contained in the process. Since the start of this series the most heartfelt moments were without a doubt when these two are together. They have the most innocent relationship, and respectable one as well considering thy move at a solid pace.

With that said, they also don’t waste too much time before jumping into the thick of it as the situation of Ulysses arises. How they have approached this through Captain Marvel’s perspective adds some layer of depth to it that the overall story has needed. One might have assumed that the idea of using this Inhuman like a tool fell on Captain Marvel as though she were the villain, but now we are starting to see the full picture come into play that adds clarity to what could have pushed to this big conflict. She is on top of the world right now and making the hard decisions comes with needing serious help when you find yourself in over your head.

What really catches you off guard is the fact that all this  and we ended up simply with Carol doing what she does best as Ambassador of Earth and Commander of Alpha Flight. Which is not bad at all. Pretty much all you could have asked for right now.

Kris Anka and Matthew Wilson continue to knock it out of the park. Of all cosmic stories going on in the Marvel Universe, next to Ultimates this is the best rendering of space I’ve seen in a good while. Just that initial shot of Carol between space and Earth was stunning for the detail of the stars to the blue skies below. Not to mention the design of the Alpha Flight station is unique. Aside from this, the art team is simply good at creating a story that captures the human element of this team that acts as the first line of defense against threats coming for Earth. Especially when it comes to the dynamic between Carol and her team. Their bond is admirable when they care so much about each others well-being. Which brings us to the relationship of Carol and Rhodey which never ceases to make you awe a bit for again that innocence between them. They have that relationship where they can go without seeing each other for so long and still come back to each other as if it were only a day. Hits that much harder taking it in that his time is drawing near in this series.

Captain Marvel #6 may be where the tie-in to Civil War II begins, but this team knows how to keep your attention when this is still Carol’s show. With the Gages you knew that this would still put character writing above all, and that is more than enough reason to keep Captain Marvel on your pull list for the time being.

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