Comic Book Review: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1


captain marvel and the carol corps 1In the skies above Battleworld, protecting the domain of Hala Field, fly Col. Carol Danvers and her Banshee Squadron, aka Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps. Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps combines exhilarating action, an intriguing mystery, and a diverse cast of characters you’ll want to get to know better. Amidst the many different Secret Wars titles, this is one of the definite must-reads.

In Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps, Kelly Thompson joins Kelly Sue DeConnick on writing duties, and together they’ve put their unique spin on Battleworld that feels true to Captain Marvel while fitting in well within the larger scope of Secret Wars. Captain Marvel fans will enjoy seeing how familiar faces like Helen Cobb and Kit fit into Hala Field, and while the Banshee Squadron is mostly made up of new characters they have all the moxie of the original Banshee Squadron. Through the dialog, you get a strong sense of the team’s camaraderie; their banter is humorous until the action gets intense, and then the ladies are all business. Some of the new characters have more well-developed personalities than others, but as the story progresses we’re bound to learn more about who these women are both in and out of the cockpit.

This comic’s military theme emphasizes the “war” part of Secret Wars, and the plot challenges Captain Marvel by putting her in the position where she has to choose between following orders and doing the right thing—but even in a world where Doom’s word is God’s law, it’s impossible to keep Captain Marvel down. Even here, Carol Danvers is who she is—someone with a solid moral core who is always reaching up towards the sky. Throughout the issue, the members of the Banshee Squadron also grapple with the consequences of questioning Doom’s doctrine versus following it, especially science-minded Bee, willing to pursue the truth at all costs. With this conflict driving the story, it will be interesting to see whether the Banshee Squadron will band together to form a united front or whether some will find going against the grain too perilous a thought.

David Lopez’s art captures the pulse-pounding thrill of aerial combat in remarkable detail, with fluid lines that guide the reader’s eyes though these hyper-kinetic scenes. The huge action set pieces have all the impact of a summer blockbuster, especially the double-page spread of the battle on the border of the Hydra Empire. The close-up panels of the Banshee Squadron pilots in their cockpits conveys the adrenaline-fueled exhilaration that they feel, and the designs on their helmets help the reader easily distinguish between the pilots.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1 sets the stage for this series well, dropping you feet-first into a world of danger and secrecy. Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez continue to take Captain Marvel to new heights, and Kelly Thompson is a great addition to the creative team. If you’re not already a member of the Carol Corps, this is the perfect opportunity to enlist.

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A high-flying story with a cast full of fascinating heroines.

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