Comic Book Review: Champions #27


The retaliation stung that this would be the final issue for our Champions’ adventure into Weirdworld. Now when that thought came to mind, instantly I was wondering how on Earth they would wrap this story up when it feels like there’s so much to cover in such a short amount of time. They have a battle to spring into, friends to save, an enemy to confront for his latest plot in manipulation. I was genuinely worried that I might not walk away satisfied.

From the start of this issue the story jumped into overdrive when there was nothing between the Champions and getting to their friends. It was all about the big battle to unfold and the time for plans was long passed. This was one last shot that this creative team had to make the transformations that the Champions took on memorable, and they made it count. There was a lot going on, but all of it was handled with a sense of clarity. It was exciting to see all of them doing something that stood out. Especially Riri and Viv who pulled off a feat that you would never have seen coming. Some could call it convenient in their time of need, but it was nonetheless awesome since it is a trick that can probably be done more than once even outside of this world.

For this final issue, it was also fitting that some time was also taken to explore this Sam Alexander who was lost and twisted with a new purpose. His changes were a lot more drastic from the rest because he had everything to gain and lose from his experience in this world. He and Nadia didn’t immediately jump into a role like the others. They had to stumble, be found, and pushed to do things they certainly would have never done in their other lives. This was the perfect time to address the way that Sam has been feeling without filter. It’s not as if he didn’t before, but he was also in more control over himself then too. His cries of frustration, lashing out in raw power, all of it portrayed a kid who really needed the right people to remind him of what it means to be a hero.

The set-up at the end when they returned was interesting for the fact that some things you did not see coming. They were all hit pretty hard by the way that Weirdworld twisted their lives, so it made sense that maybe one or two could walk away with different feelings about themselves or the rest. Nothing significant, but I would say that the pay-off was there for better or for worse. What I only did not get from this finale to the story arc was a cost to this mystic quest. I was somewhat prepared for a little more influence that these events would have on the team afterwards, but I suppose that could be asking for too much when the new #1 release is practically right around the corner.

It also goes without saying how appreciated it was that they decided to show some familiar faces who exist in this world whose fates have been unknown. That was the ultimate treat to those of us who also may have wanted to see some of this realm that wasn’t too contrasting to every other journey.

At this point, I don’t know what to say about this art team that I haven’t said before. The way that Max Dunbar and Nolan Woodard breathe life into the medieval-fantasy style of Weirdworld is stunning. This would not have turned out as beautiful as it did with anyone different. Maybe it could, but it’s not that you would want to think of that after what they gave us consistently from the start of this arc to the end. Everything about the character designs were unique, the fights were vast and clear, and the settings were mind-blowing for the full rendering we got page to page. That energy from the colors as I keep saying, that really put the liveliness into this story that you expect from young heroes springing into action in a fantasy realm.

Champions #27 wraps this up perfectly. As one of three books that took a leap into Weirdworld, it was commendable how they added their own spin to the ever-shifting landscape, while at the same time showing that there are connections to what happened when Deadpool and Weapon H were here. Great action, character moments, and substance to balance out the final battle.

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