Comic Book Review: Cloak & Dagger #1


I’m not going to lie that I was a bit thrown off by the fact that they decided to make this a digital exclusive comic rather than one in print, but something is always better than nothing. Especially when there is no arguing that longtime fans of Cloak & Dagger finally have this opportunity to catch up with what the two have been up to. Randomly popping up for events does not do them justice when they have so much room to still grow on their own.

After so long without these two in proper action, there was no argument that they would use this first issue of the mini to give a small introduction to who Cloak & Dagger are. No matter how different the show will be tomorrow, you would still get the gist of who Cloak & Dagger are by the quick explanation given. It was all quick, straight to the point, and then they moved on from there. I know that there are some readers out there who may have wanted a little more from the point where this picks up, but the main goal of this new series is to be new reader friendly. That they nailed, and everything more than that should be seen as a treat.

What of course needed to be addressed primarily was this distance there is now between the two. When comic readers think of inseparable duos, Cloak & Dagger generally would come to mind. Not just for their trials, but the way they have depended on each other emotionally, and how much they did need each other to keep their powers in check. I mean how do you really create distance between two who are always at risk of overcharging or going hungry? With a good sense of pacing we find ourselves jumping straight into what these two have been up to. For Dagger things made sense, though for Cloak you had to wonder what was going on with him. For Tandy having the better half of the powers, it was only a matter of time before she was off and trying to carve out her own path. To see what she is and isn’t capable of on her own. I will say that she has definitely stepped up from the life she was living before. It has been a big jump going from trying to have a normal life to now trying to have a career as a superhero on her own.

As for Cloak? Some big questions were raised when as I said above, he has a troublesome hunger to deal with sometimes. When one of the things we are told beforehand is that Cloak will find himself in hot water with victims are turning up looking like their life-force been sucked out, one has to wonder if he could really be that guy. Aside from his bad habits seen, nothing from what he does on his own time gives you that impression. I like the game of mystery they are playing when the distance between is great enough without this being thrown at them as well.

I was very excited when it was announced that David Messina would be the artist for this series. If you have read enough from this guy, then you come to admire his style that is very fitting for characters like Cloak and Dagger. For Dagger in particular she was right up his alley having a character with such agility to make the art pop. The changes to her costume were subtle, but a big improvement from what I felt was always a bit impractical back then. She looked more mature which matched the state of mind that she currently finds herself in. As for Cloak, the changes were small as well, but stayed true to his personal style. The only true noticeable change was to his arms which either indicate developments with his powers, or something to add more emphasis to his connection to dark forces. What I liked from this art team as a whole was how everything was fully rendered from start to finish. This more importantly is directed towards the settings that were very detailed to maintain a proper sense of engagement in each scene.

If you wanted more Cloak & Dagger, this first issue did not disappoint and was a satisfying entrypoint back into their world. Not your average superhero story, and not your average superpowered duo either.

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