Comic Book Review: Cloak & Dagger #2


The first issue of Cloak & Dagger was quite the welcome back into the lives of Tandy and Tyrone. It was hard to come to terms with the idea that this iconic duo could grow apart in such a way, but they have, and now we are seeing what happens when one goes inevitably unchecked. Namely Cloak who we all know can only go on so long before he needs to feed, whether he wants to or not. This series is one that gives the impression that we will see if their history can stand the sands of time.

While I would have thought this to be more than it seemed on the surface, I’m glad that they aren’t trying to drag on the mystery of who is sucking the life force of these random people. Of course that answer comes closer to the end of the issue, though it was worth the build-up towards. This allowed the story room to jump straight into the thick of what’s going on between Cloak and Dagger. It was a tough pill to swallow that Tandy could so easily ask for space, and at the same time ignore Ty long enough that he could fear losing control of his hunger. For those of us up to date on our knowledge of Cloak, then we know that the element of choice is all but lost once the hunger overtakes him. So when you know this, you expect a very good reason for why Dagger could turn to such negligence over something she could help control. It was hard not waiting for some kind of justification that would satisfy us beyond simply needing space or room to stretch her legs. That can only go for so long when just those meetings she should be able to accomplish without fear. Maybe that’s just me not understanding this thing about girlfriends/boyfriends/exes, but responsibility waits for no one.

As the time came for their confrontation, I wasn’t all too impressed why how that was executed. It felt pretty forced how Dagger attacked Cloak for simply wanting help. It is understood that she doesn’t want to spend her whole life looking after someone who she isn’t dating anymore, but responsibility comes int many shapes and forms.

The trip down memory lane for Dagger was a point of interest because it brought up a similar situation to what she is dealing with in the present. Most of the early stuff for someone like me is a complete blur, so it was hard to say if this was new history or not. Regardless, it was smart to create that opening to show where she first experienced what it is like when Ty loses control of himself. There’s more to understand about the two when you introduce a character who lived the same life they did, aside from how he used his powers to get by. That aside, the contrast in how they could have turned out was nothing to overlook.The only question I was left with was what exactly this kids power was. He had fog, but that was pretty vague.

Transitioning into this second issue, there were a few things to take notice of from the art team. The first thing was the way Cloak has developed this new design on his arms. This is something I would like to see addressed at some point. If it has something to do with his powers, then I could be fine with the decision, but if not, I might question what influenced that change. With that said, I do like how his cloak pin has once again changed. Not much can change for him overall, so it is always cool to see how that can contrast from what it was before. Next, there was Tandy and her consistent change of clothing. That I liked because this choice represented the effort that she has put into creating that distance between Dagger and Tandy as well. She never wears the same thing twice, which matters when showing that time is passing. That aside, expressions were everything this issue with such a drama-filled issue. The facial expressions was strong, as well as physical motions to match.

Cloak & Dagger #2 pulled no punches when what started out as space between the two has pushed into conflict when neither know how to talk to the other anymore. Mistrust is indeed their enemy when emotions run high and leaving very little room for the kind of compromise that saves lives.

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