Comic Book Review: Cloak & Dagger #3


When you know Cloak & Dagger to be one of the most standout iconic duos in the Marvel Universe, a story like this can be a tough pill to swallow. Nothing is forever, but nothing is more painful than a split that leaves two people so aggressive against one another. Mistrust is indeed the enemy of Tandy and Ty when emotions run high, leaving very little room for the kind of compromise that saves lives. Especially when not everything is as it seems on the surface.

It was quite the intense scene for Tandy to come to this realization a moment too late. This may be a story of two people, but there was no denying that Tandy had the most to work through on her end. The kind of work that leads to the kind of situations she has ended up in. Jumping into her confrontation with this killer, it was an excellent contrast to see how this wasn’t her first time dealing with this familiar threat. It was only odd that she wasn’t putting the dots together. Especially when from her perspective what happened between them and that kid was fairly traumatic. I would dare say a close-call. It was at least redeemable that at the same time they were beginning to make it clear that this kid they used to run with could create some interesting effects through his fog. That is, even though this was all from Ty’s point of view mostly.

To be specific, I think my current issue with the plot is the way that Tandy has been processing the situation. It’s obvious that some memories are only now resurfacing about her first encounter with Grey, but someone as experienced as her seemed way too timid in the face of someone who is no different from battling with Cloak.

Getting back to what happened to Ty, it was interesting to finally have some idea as to what happened to these people who were drained of their lifeforce supposedly. If it wasn’t Cloak doing it, then you had to wonder exactly what was being done to these people. Were they actually dead? Was there more to that grey look they took on after drained? The dream sequences to some extent added clarity to what we were seeing. What had the most impact on that opening scene for Tandy, was also realizing what was happening with Ty at the same time. There had to be a good reason why he would be unresponsive despite his current feelings. When you push someone away, it’s not so easy to expect that they will be there when you need them next.

Like the issue before, I enjoyed the artwork for the same reasons. David Messina is no stranger to character who are very agile, which made the fight between Dagger and Grey appealing. There was much more to appreciate about the way that he captured Cloak’s powers as well. A fluent flow to the way that his cloak moved and the way it came alive when his powers activated. I particularly enjoyed the color work involved in the effect of the shadow, fog, and much more that acted as an extension to both Cloak and Grey. My major critique comes from the way that this issue was scripted through the artwork. We were being pulled in a lot of different directions at the same time, which made it hard to truly feel engaged in what was going on in at any single point.

Cloak & Dagger #3 was a hit and miss kind of issue in contrast to the previous two chapters. the story would have benefited from more focus on what was either going on in the present or the back. When being tossed back and forth and from two different perspectives, that is when you risk things getting a bit messy.

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