Comic Book Review: Copperhead #12


One of Image’s most underrated series, “Copperhead” has returned with a bang. In “Copperhead” #12, the tension between Clara and Boo reaches a new high as the town deals with a huge change. “Copperhead” #12 is another excellent installment of a series that never lets its readers down.

“Copperhead” #12 picks up where the last issue left off. The Mayor is dead and Clara is tasked with finding out who did it. As the autopsy gets under way, a shocking discovery is made and Boo, the new Mayor has it out with  Clara over his new position of power.

What’s been so great about “Copperhead” is how it embraces both its roots in the western genre and the space focused science fiction genre. This arc is still doing that but in a much different way. It’s focused on the power politics within a town like this but more importantly, on the ever changing relationship between Boo and Clara. They were never really friends but with this issue, that feels like it may be impossible to ever get to. Even though there was a sizable wait between arcs, this direction is a great way to go after the more action packed first part of this series. Faerber’s dialogue between these two characters is full of amazing tension and throughout the issue there’s a great subtle level of comedy. What’s amazing is that the current situation Boo and Clara find themselves in should have taken more time to get to but because each issue of “Copperhead” reads like a one hour drama, there’s no need to wait. The pacing of this series is fantastic. With all that said, this doesn’t mean “Copperhead” has become a serious political drama – that’s far from the truth. The subplot involving a big breakout of Clara’s ex is the kind of action packed chase that embraces all the complications of this version of a shared universe. It isn’t just humans that want this guy and I’m excited to see where this goes. “Copperhead” #12 has a lot of moving parts and that’s a huge part of what makes this issue work. You’re truly getting your money’s worth.

Drew Moss has taken over on art and what’s great about his work is that it isn’t far removed from Scott Godlewski. He’s come in and made the series his own without taking away from what fans (like myself) fell in love with. His characters are full of life, with excellent expression and expertly executed detail. Moss, like Godlewski, gives us each wrinkle, each piece of hair being touched by the wind and it makes “Copperhead” #12 feel more fully realized. The first few pages, in particular, stand out as Moss and colorist Ron Riley are perfectly in sync with this kind of Alien-esque scene. As the autopsy goes on, a discovery is made and it’s handled with a level of terror and comedy that only “Copperhead” could manage to nail. The backgrounds of this issue make the reader connect with this as a real place and not just a static dressing. Riley’s colors manage to capture so much in terms of light and darkness and it’s work that really makes “Copperhead” feel like “Copperhead”.

“Copperhead” #12 is another wonderful issue in a series that more people should be reading. It’s dramatic, tense but also subtly funny. This arc is proving to be a game changer in many ways and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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Copperhead has returned strong and shows no signs of slowing down.

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