Comic Book Review: Cyborg #14


As I’ve emphasized before, pacing is key to a story like this and luckily things have started to pick up before it was too late. This war with Anomaly was a slow crawl, but there is now urgency in one side or the other making that decisive move against the other. The twist that came at the end was clever and it was unexpected. What everyone thought they were prepared for was thrown right out the window when everyone involved is sucked into a portal that leads them who knows where.

Cyborg #14 takes us into ‘Singularity Aftermath’ part one which is fittingly titled ‘Arrival’. If you’ve been anxious for some answers like me, then the suspense really kicked in when Cyborg and company take a trip to where we don’t know. Just that first sequence I really enjoyed because while you question the importance visually it was captivating. What some overlook about the world of Cyborg is how spontaneous it is. The things that don’t make sense, the things that just do make sense because it has to.

When everyone arrived to their destination it was nice that with everyone together including Variant, we could finally start asking the right questions. If there was one thing that made you cringe, it was how many things we just didn’t know whether it was Cyborg understanding Anomaly’s plans or understanding this voice in Anomaly’s head that is apparently real. Here now, stuck with Anomaly as well we are forced to confront the unknown even though nothing is as it seems. Truthfully I do find the idea that a world where mankind is dead and all life takes the form of soulless cybernetic hybrids appealing. Its not something we have encountered before which means there’s nothing you can actually predict aside from actions. Especially when it comes to the revealing of who this voice actually is. That was the true shocker which cemented the fact that this is an alternate reality to our own. This was the very last person you would have guessed was pulling the strings,

Now where I was falling head over heels was with the guest starring of Beast Boy. Surely I’m not the only one who would go crazy over this crossing of paths. I can only be disappointed because this is a first time meeting between them rather than a reunion. Now I’m not to into the changes to DC’s continuity inside and out, but I would assume that they would know each other even if this was an alternate Earth, so it is safe to assume that somewhere along the lines these two never met yet which hurts a bit. I will say that while it was a fun meeting, the jokes did lay in a bit heavy. Aside from this, I think who Cyborg and friends will run into next holds greater anticipation. This was a team that we were all saying deserved their own book for their teamwork with Cyborg in the past. They didn’t get that book, but getting that second appearance in this one is just as good for an alternate version.

Will Conrad and Ivan Nunes were the best art team to have for this next chapter in Cyborg’s adventure. In a world dominated by the technological you want an art team who can handle bringing that sort of advancement to life. That initial sequence as I pointed out above instantly grabbed me because I was more focused on the art than the words. For all the things that make sense and don’t, something so vivid and obscure like what Cyborg felt trapped in just popped. Strong colors, creative layout design and all of it simply looked cool. Getting back to Detroit, it takes skill to pull off the look of a decimated world. They got into every detail from a grounded level that engages us beyond just the characters. Then you also have the horde of mecha-humans that impresses you because Will Conrad is no stronger to pulling off this sort of action with many objects in the same scene without losing quality or detail. You could feel the intensity from all these things throwing themselves at Cyborg and company. This is the first time I’ve seen this art team draw Beast Boy and I liked the look of him that leaned to a more animistic presence than leaning too heavily on human features. Beyond that, Ivan Nunes in every way compliments Will Conrad’s pencils with colors that capture depth, highlights, texture and much more. Especially the explosiveness of actions between those who do a lot of blasting. The blues and reds were all right in your face.

Cyborg #14 takes us right into the thick of just what the heck is going on and I feel more invested than I ever did before. We have solved some of the most nagging mysteries and we now have the full picture as to why everything has happened the way they did between Anomaly’s actions and what brought everyone here.

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