Comic Book Review: Cyborg #15


This story has really spiraled into madness. What started out as something that could have been assumed simple, blew up into much more. If you told me this is where it all would lead to, I would have called you a liar on the spot. A plan set in motion from an alternate reality? Yeah, not even close to what you would expect when you jump into a Cyborg story.

Cyborg #15 takes us straight into the fray as it is better understood what Cyborg and company are fighting for. I’ll give them credit for taking a creative approach to this machine future. From the start of this we all could be screaming Skynet is aware, but the reveal of the true plot gave us a look at an alternative to the cliche. A future where it doesn’t matter if machines manage to take the world from the humans. They would still end up doing the same thing humans do to each other. That is more of a Cyborg situation to deal with. Insanely out there, but always in the realm of possibilities as far as he is concerned. A fair amount of this story did play into build-up, though this was out of necessity than to focus too much on stirring chaos. However when the action broke loose it did satisfy. Especially when this involved a confrontation with the Metal Men. Not ours sadly, but still just as entertaining in dialogue and action.

What’s better about this second part to ‘Aftermath’ is that they still took the time to future explain what Cyborg and company have been dragged into. It goes without saying that this is a complex situation created through Anomoly trying to bring his plans of a perfect world to fruition. Right now the last thing you want to assume is that readers understand everything that is currently unfolding. I know I got the gist of it, but for the most part these were things known on the surface. Having Vic’s mother from this alternate reality explain things felt right to make sure we aren’t losing people along the way.

There was one thing throughout the series which did bug me which happened to be those issues here and there that came off as distractions. It meant a lot that at a time like this they could find the room to make sense of what was seen as a problem. There are times to be patient, but this story did have its moments where you couldn’t quite tell if there was a linear direction it was heading in or a destination in mind.

The big twist I wasn’t all too shocked by when it came. They alluded to the possibility a little too hard near the start of the issue. With that said, it doesn’t make what’s to come anything less to anticipate. At the very least now there is something to look forward to with the next issue that will give us the big picture to what has brought us to this point.

I was caught off guard seeing how there is two artists tackling this issue. But more than that because it is Will Conrad and Cliff Richards. Conrad is usually the kind of artist who you see handling all the drawing, so it shakes things up when that isn’t the case. The good thing here is that the two have a style close enough that you couldn’t really see yourself stopping to notice the differences. I like to think this is thanks to Ivan Nunes on colors. It takes a strong colorist to find uniformity and consistency to make sure two art styles blend in. Sometimes a colorist will adjust to the artist though it is more helpful that they themselves stick to their style to avoid distractions. So having said this the artwork was impressive. The art team as a whole nail the apocalyptic look of a world where it is a war for supremacy and survival. They don’t ignore the world-building around them, or how advanced these mecha-humans look, or the key differences between this reality and ours. The digital rendering here and there was awesome and takes some attention to detail in order to pull off.

Cyborg #15 was a step up from the issues before. Knowing what exactly is going on matters more than anything else at this stage. Cyborg never disappoints when there is action, so there is always room for that when there are plenty of other things to address beforehand.

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