Comic Book Review: Cyborg #16


Still haven’t felt the shock since finding out the true enemy on this Earth is actually a Cyborg, but it does make matters all the more dire since there is no one technologically more dangerous to encounter on a bad day. I guess for Cyborg you can call the other half of this story more of a ‘What If’ than anything else. It seems what you are expecting here is the opposite of a lot of the things our Cyborg dealt with.

The chaos that this issue threw us into just felt right with everything leading up to this point. When Dr. Stone first revealed her plan for saving this world, it really seemed too good to be true. Not in the sense that she was up to something, but that this was not going to happen without some trouble along the way. So you weren’t really as invested in that moment where everything would go wrong rather than where things would go from that point. The biggest question here is just a they put it. Is this world too far gone to be saved-and worse, is this foreshadowing what will become of our world? I don’t think anyone has the answer to that when a cure seems too good to be true to be the saving grace of what is already lost.

Speaking of things far too gone, there was anticipation in seeing just what kind of Cyborg we were dealing with from this Earth. It was definitely the opposite of ours which said more than enough about what could have turned him to such villainous actions against humanity. Overall this encounter was the single greatest bit of character development you could ask for from Cyborg. It makes all the difference to be able to see what happens if he ever gave in to those negative thoughts about his upbringing and transformation. I think what actually caught me off guard was that this wasn’t the first encounter. It did happen one too many issues ago to truly remember the details, but it is good to know that everything matters in the grand scheme of things. An issue or so back I would have thought all those glitches and what not were just a distraction to something that wouldn’t be too significant down the road. Glad to be proven wrong, though you have to admit that it can be hard to have patience for such developments late into a story. This even leading up to the truth of this world was a plus.

Following Anomaly’s escape from S.T.A.R. Labs was a point I was hoping for us to reach. Not to this magnitude that he managed to pull it off, but just some action that would show that we weren’t done with him yet. It would have been too simple if he gave up his plans after seeing what this world turned into. Now doing so only to come face to face with the creature who destroyed the world made this worth the wait. I was thinking Cyborg, which would have been predictable, but who is actually behind it all was a good choice.

All this set aside I’m glad they in just one sentence they could explain how a world like this could come to be. I mean this kind of story is always a gamble because you are trying to create an isolated incident on a worldwide scale. You can never assume the reader won’t ask where all the other heroes are at a time like this. Especially the OP ones who could have put a stop to things any time they felt like it.

Things change-up again for the art team even if just a little. This time around we have a team of Will Conrad and Allan Jefferson, along with Wayne Faucher on inks. Again it was easy to see who was handling what on pencils, but it was nothing distracting unless you were looking that hard. At this stage of the story I’m glad that you notice more of Will Conrad’s work just because of the quality he brings to the table. Many effects and designs it feels like he could pull off best and did. Mainly when it comes to the characters you appreciate his work most because there was so much attention to detail that went into characters like Anomaly and things like the Mecha-Humans. Allan Jefferson on the other hand you recognize for the work he puts into giving some of these battles the look of authenticity to them. He doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to the structures, machines, and the destruction caused on both sides. As for Ivan Nunes on colors, I’m just glad that no matter who they bring on board he breathes life into all of this. Such a detailed colorist who not only can make the art pop, but add a hint of realism to anything like textures, skin tone, digital effects and so on. For this issue in particular she showed that he is very skilled with warm and cold colors.

I will admit that much of what this story had turned into upon entering this world left me skeptical about where this was taking us. You could see a finish line then until it became one development after the other for this plot that left you wondering just what the heck was really going on. Cyborg #16 luckily made sense of a lot of things that could have killed our interest in the rest of ‘Singularity Aftermath’.

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