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D4ve2 #1D4VE’s life was crap. Full of butthorns and without purpose until presented with the opportunity to be the hero he wanted to become. Now we’re one year later with D4VE2 # 1. The world seemingly at peace, things seem pretty all right on 34RTH. The only problem that D4VE could possibly find is with himself. What could go wrong? Plenty, because this is the story of D4VE and things are never that simple.

The down to Earth approach to D4VE continues to be what grabs you with this mini series. Solid start that eases us into this new world created from the city that D4VE ruined in order to save the 34RTH because as he says, he ruined the hell out of it. Following D4VE through his new life and job is interesting considering you get to see that feeling of nostalgia surface from him. May not be like the old days for him, yet it’s close enough. Difference being of course his soldiers who don’t seem like the cream of the crop at first glance. His son included who doesn’t seem to have much respect for him still.

It was a good move to take the time to dive into D4VE’s family troubles between 54LLY and 5COTTY. To see where he and 54LLY are at was important going forward so that there is an understanding of their relationship despite being apart. What you really take out of that side of D4VE’s life is the focus on 5COTTY’s importance to them and his happiness. Getting things from his perspective you didn’t expect, yet was excellent writing when he has to confront his own feelings about the current situation. It’s always nice to address what it is like for the kid of the divorced parents. They take it the hardest and will lash out the way that 5COTTY has. That was also a solid moment to introduce another thing 5COTTY will eventually deal with from that conversation with BR4D. This family goes through things normal people do in everyday life which is what you appreciate most when the threat of aliens isn’t the center of attention.

You do find more consistent humor in this story writing as well as D4VE says he feels so much better now that he has purpose back in his life and yet doesn’t come off all too thrilled when the next possible threat pops up. A strange ship’s arrival sends D4VE head-first into an existential crisis and not once does he feel like rocking the boat for a repeat performance of his last act of heroism. D4VE’s dialogue is standout in this first issue. Before you took his diction as from a guy who was annoyed with the life he was living before. Though now you still have the same tone except there is more confidence in his voice for his new status as general.

What Ramon has done in D4VE2 #1 as usual is on point as he continues to bring this robotic world to life. He has a way of making these robots feel human. Difficult for some, though Ramon pulls it off because he knows the type of story he wants to tell through the art. In general the art could tell its own story. There are no facial expressions, no wrinkles, no tears but each character shows a lot of emotion. Body language is so important in a book like this and Ramon nails it. What happened with 5COTTY was full of so much emotion, and yet it was his body language and physical reactions that showed us exactly what emotions he wanted to portray. The same way D4VE’s everyday life and hate of traffic can be seen through his gestures. Even his awkwardness around S4LLY and B3TH.

D4VE2 # 1 is a good start to this new mini series. Easy to follow after the time gap of a year, and just as easy for a new reader to just pick up from here from the recap we get of past events. Great character development, humor, and twist that will really shake up the story.

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Easy to follow after the time gap of a year, and just as easy for a new reader to just pick up from here from the recap we get of past events.

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