Comic Book Review: Damage #7


As one chapter closes for Ethan and Damage, another one opens that brings them one step further to mass destruction or answers. I would bet on the first when Colonel Jonas’ team has already caught up with Ethan, and ready to pull off what is probably the impossible. When backed against the wall, that is when you get the best out of these two characters. That is when you also prove that pacing and intensity are at your command with a story like this.

For an action-packed series, this issue did not disappoint throwing us right into the fray. There was no talking when we got back to Ethan. It was all Damage and the guy who managed to unleash the monstrous brute with unlimited strength for an hour. Being that this was a fight on a ship, there were two things they left us to pay attention to. First was how this team could possibly take down a brute who has already bested a super villain team and a Justice Leaguer. Second was how these two could defend themselves when fighting back on a ship is inconvenient to them for the space, and more inconvenient for Ethan who is not willing to put the lives of a bunch of civilians at stake. This time around was different since there was more of Ethan present than Damage. At this point we may have grown more comfortable with them bickering with each other, so it was an interesting choice when they are jumped to decide that it was going to be a one-sided conversation.

The fight between Damage and the metahuman tactical squad went just about how you would have imagined which wasn’t too much of a surprise. From the minute these hunters were introduced, I honestly did not think of them much then or now when facing something that clearly outclassed them. It was just the right amount of smashing that you expected and with a good sense of pacing in mind transitioning between this battle and what Colonel Jonas was doing on her own.

For Colonel Jonas, every bit more of her that we see is welcoming since we are getting a better understanding of what makes her tick. Not to mention we are also seeing what separates her from the likes of the inhumane Amanda Waller. In general, I appreciate anything done to create that difference between herself and Waller. When first introduced to Jonas, I couldn’t help but see that similarity which was a bit troublesome initially. The conversation she has with a surprise visit changed everything you may have thought about the Damage program and her intentions. There wasn’t too much detail to take from her summary of events leading up to this point, but we got a good idea of what has been going through her mind about the stress of cleaning up this mess. Her intentions were somewhat pure and in the right direction. I liked that what led her down this path wasn’t so tragic that it twisted her like a certain someone who runs Belle Reve. Getting Damage back had a true purpose that you could believe, even if using a monster like this in combat means plenty of other people in the ground.

It was hard to say that anything was too standout artistically this issue. Most of what you took from the battle and the character focus was met with the same consistency/quality that we have gotten from issues previous. Not a bad thing at all as I would rather look forward to consistency than anything less. The best I could point out is how well the pacing looked from a visual standpoint. Some art teams might slip up speeding through it, but this team handled it very well without losing us to scenes getting choppy from one panel to the next.

You came for the action in Damage #7, but you stayed for the character development for Colonel Jonas. As much as you want to see of Ethan and Damage, there is no denying that Jonas is a character of interest when there was so much until now that was shrouded in mystery. We now move forward with a stronger understanding of what drives her actions and why getting Damage back is so important for what she believes in.

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