Comic Book Review: Deadpool #7


It’s that time of the season once more for the Merc With a Mouth. I had no doubt in my mind that they would do a Christmas special for this book when one was already done for Halloween as well. This would not be Deadpool if we didn’t have these one and done stories to look forward to. You know that you will be entertained, and you know that it will be a unique experience for this guy who you know will struggle with the task of killing Santa Claus.

The dealbreaker for this story was easily going to be the reason for this hit on Santa Claus. I mean, was this a mission that Deadpool decided to do for the heck of it? Did Santa hurt him in some way? Did someone else find themselves hurt by Santa to justify a hit? Big questions and the very best answer was what we got for them. It was shocking for the reason, and it was shocking for the people who were willing to pay the Merc With a Mouth to get the job done. I’ve braced myself for some ridiculous things, but this is the icing on the cake so far this series. From the very first few pages flipped, you already were able to piece together what set events in motion. After that, it was the execution of the very scene that would spark this hit that grabs you. I think most of us can agree that the hilarity in this is how no one is taking the idea of killing Santa seriously aside from the payer. What you also will find funny here is how quickly this job was taken without a second thought.

The very next surprise ended up being the reason why Santa Claus isn’t so Jolly anymore. There had to be a reason why Santa wasn’t going to be the same Santa you thought you were about to encounter. He was satisfyingly deadly, and he met the expectation of a magical entity who is more than just the sparkles. The fight that broke loose was bloody, it was violent, it was everything Deadpool that got way out of control. Over the top might even be the word that I would use to describe some of the bloodier moments. I don’t think I would have taken the fight any other way.

How Deadpool solved this problem was both violent like the previous engagement, and at the same time as heartwarming as it could be for someone like him. I only found it predictable that this was not going to be a story where he actually killed Santa. There are just some lines you don’t expect to be crossed. Justice was served in his own twisted way, not to mention the way that Christmas was saved by the end of the day.

It was nice to see Nic Klein taking up the artist role for this book again. I almost feared that the first story arc would have been the last one for him once they started switching things up with other artists and art teams. There was no better issue to bring Klein back for when he is so creative in the way that he draws his characters and delivers action. He draws angry kids very well, he draws a trigger-happy Mrs. Claus very well. What stood out most was seeing this Santa Claus who was the very opposite of jolly in every way that it counted. He looked pissed, he looked like he wasn’t taking care of himself, he was also pretty ripped. I enjoyed the coloring for him as well that captured this dirty old man who was spoiling for a fight. The stained clothing, discolored skin, baggy eyes, flushed face. This wouldn’t have been a Deadpool adventure without the violent battles that I pointed out above. Klein does not ignore the details that make every hit count. I cringed at every broken limb and insides flying out from gunshots.

Deadpool #7 was worth the hype for another holiday special. If I haven’t said it already, Scottie Young is made to write Deadpool. He gets the kind of dark humor this book offers, and there is never a dynamic with artists that doesn’t nail the over the top savagery that comes with taking on a new mark.

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