Comic Book Review: Deadpool #9


Is anyone truly shocked that they would do a Valentine’s Day issue of Deadpool? I have to agree with some readers out there who say that comics can do great when stories are one and done. Not every story has to be linear or go on for a whole arc. They can easily be a story with a beginning and end so you can move on to the next adventure the following issue. Deadpool so far proves that this is possible when every month gives you something new to look forward to.

When I read that someone had stolen Deadpool’s heart, that genuinely had me scratching my head about where this would lead to. I mean, can’t Deadpool simply grow a new heart? Why would it matter too much who stole his heart unless we were speaking of it metaphorically? The devil is in the details and I had to know. That’s not to say that the answer wasn’t obvious, but you never know when it comes to a book like Deadpool.

The appeal of this investigation into who stole his heart was also the fact that this would involve Jessica Jones. Honestly the best way to create a worthwhile dynamic with Wade is to team him up with someone who isn’t down with his shenanigans. That much we got from the very minute that these two crossed paths. Not to say that Deadpool didn’t have it coming, but he definitely did which created such an entertaining moment. Where they humored us here was the idea that Jessica would actually be willing to go through with helping him. It could have just been for the money or for the reason, but either way she leaned you knew that this would be a thing where she took the case seriously and he did not. Who they also managed to turn to for help was clever for the kind of situation they are dealing with. After that? It was definitely thinking outside of the box that took us to each suspect or lead. One made sense for them to turn to, the other was a bit out there, and the other was worth it just for the location we don’t get to travel too often to. Where this ultimately led Deadpool and Jessica by the end of the issue was commendable for the who the culprit turned out to be and the explanation given. It was heartwarming for what this person needed the heart for, on top of the response this person was given.

Being the kind of book that it is, I also enjoyed the noir style that Scottie Young took to the writing of this issue. It only makes sense that this would be the mindset that Wade finds himself trapped in and not once did it take away from the fun since there was a lot more dialogue to read through than normal.

Nick Klein worked his magic this month when taking on a new style to match the noir theme of this issue. This meant that we wouldn’t experience the interior artwork in the same grotesque detail, but it was all the same engaging for everything that was consistent under a different hue. Most would probably just do black and white, but that honestly would have made this pretty boring. It helped that Klein instead went for dark blues and reds as the color of choice. Having Jessica around added some flare to the art as well when instead of things going boom, there was more than enough smashing whether it was someone or something meeting her fists. There was one scene I enjoyed very much for the reminder of how strong she is, and the reaction this can get from one Deadpool who can even admit when his mouth might get him into some trouble. In general, a lot of expressions from Deadpool stood out for the fact that in this case he was more of the victim and audience like us.

Deadpool #9 so far is one of my favorites of this run. There’s something to appreciate about a creative team that simply aims to give you the full experience with the Merc With a Mouth. He can be serious, he can be sincere, and he will always be consistently funny. Getting a balance of all these things with each passing issue makes this book easily recommended.

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