Comic Book Review: Dejah Thoris #4


Momentum is key for this volume of Dejah Thoris. From the minute she set her mind to find this long-lost city, there was nothing stopping her from completing this expedition. Even if it began with the slaughter of two allies at the very start. So far, they have done right by those of us who like to see the formidable side to Dejah. In the previous volume it was her physical skill which impressed us. This time around I would say it is her intelligence that wins us over, and rightfully so. Now is the time to see how far brains will get Dejah before she needs to dig down for something more.

The discovery of what might be Ephysium was a good way to end the previous issue. With the trickery that Dejah has already experiences, it was hard to say if this next step in her journey could be where she finds success, or where it all comes to an end. This is the time where it makes a big difference to be skeptical about what it is you expect from what might be. That said, the banter between everyone was enjoyable on the way there. Particularly when it came to the green Martian who always had something smart to say despite not being in the best position to feel so on top. Regardless, that consistent line of dialogue kept the story lively when it could have otherwise fallen flat easily.

Dejah’s determination found new life at this point, and that was the time where they made us feel worrisome the most. When you know the type of person that Dejah is, then you know that curiosity and drive can sometimes get the best of her. When everyone else is bracing for the worst at a point, then it just felt like a tease since things could only get worse before they get any better. It was refreshing that when the time came, it wasn’t her curiosity that brought about the inevitable trouble. That made a big difference since this was also the issue where they began tossing in the struggles that Dejah will have to face when thinking like herself versus a would-be Jeddak. What’s always been interesting about Dejah Thoris is what she does that separates her from those who have held the role of leadership. What they found there was a creative obstacle as again this was never going to be so simple. It’s always one thing to find what you’re looking for, and another thing to survive the experience for it to matter.

There was only one predictable trouble found at their destination, and that I didn’t mind too much since they didn’t try to hard to make it seem like everyone was on the same side. Banter only goes so far as the person not giving away their intentions. If it wasn’t for that, along with the twist in dangers of their discovery, this story probably wouldn’t have made sense to see another issue. With the additional layers they gave this plot, it gives us much more to look forward to.

The artwork consistently gets better with each passing issue. That much keeps me engaged knowing that the quality is shared between story and interior art. The detail put into the characters this issue stood out a bit more because of the point they are at where there is little reason to lose focus on them where there isn’t too much going on around them aside from the way that they interact with one another. The setting also stood out when where that hole led them to was one of the more elegant locations we have seen aside from the city of Helium. With that said, the difference obviously being that where they find themselves has more of a natural distinction to it because of the structures and rock formations.

Dejah Thoris #4 was a strong issue for the exploration I felt that we were missing up to this point. They got us from point A to point B, and did not pull punches when it came to the dangers that this group faces with every choice they make.

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