Comic Book Review: Dejah Thoris #5


Whether you get what you want in the end of not, there is always a time where you questions if you got more than you bargained for. Right now Dejah and company find themselves in that very position as there is “Water, water, everywhere…”. There are worse ways to go on the planet of Barsoom, but death by drowning would be the most tragic. Especially on a planet where water is supposed to be very scarce.

It was quite the turn of events that this group would find themselves underground, abandoned, and about to drown. Right as they found exactly what they were looking for. While you knew that at the very least Dejah Thoris would survive, the real question was how she would manage to get herself out of this sticky situation. Would it be through their own cunning? A surprise ally swooping in at the last second? Or maybe not everything is as it seems with Nars Jartas? What actually came of this situation shook things up since there was much more to worry about that any single person’s life that was at stake. Discovery always comes with some sort of consequence that made sense. What they had to do in order to save lives was tragic, but this adventure created heroes out of people who you didn’t think had it in them to get this far.

How the end to this story unfolded was smart. What started off as a one-way adventure grew into something more with potential. This planet is rich with potential whether it lies in the past or future. The past given what this planet needs to recover, and looking towards the future when it comes to what the Princess of Mars discovers about what it means to be a Jeddak and what must be done to move forward. The latter in particular stands out because the selling point for this series has been what these people can do to evolve without resorting the same wars that have gotten them nowhere.

I must say, Nars has been an impressively written character from his introduction to this point. It goes without saying that it was difficult to figure out what truly motivated him. One minute this and then the next minute that with him. There was no better wildcard to throw in the way of Dejah and company when trust was in short supply outside of the palace walls. What he does in the final stretch of this adventure was admirable when his actions were a direct reflection of everything that Dejah needed to be. Not the parts that were untrustworthy, but the part that was willing to do whatever it took to protect the people he cared about, the greater majority. Seeing the bigger picture as he did, added the impact needed to make this conclusion memorable.

Till the very end I have found this art team’s work favorable for a Dejah Thoris series. Since the first issue, I had my worries about the quality of work that they would put into this series. Sometimes you would get average to below average for a story like this and that hurts it more than they know. Fortunately that was not the case for this team. From the start of this series the work only get better with each passing issue. A better handle on the anatomy of these characters, the qualities that make them stand out from the rest, the unique settings, and the very things that add elegance to a planet that convince you of what was former beauty. For this very issue, expressions meant everything to capture the urgency that was deciding the fate of this new discovery, or the fate of those who would be lost to what was being unearthed. That made a big difference, and put characters right where they needed to be in order to show their growth as people fighting for something genuine. Especially those like Nars, who introduced a magnificent creature, and create so much intensity through his valiant presence.

Dejah Thoris #5 brings us to the end of the first story arc, and I am stunned by the way this creative team has given us yet another journey into the world of Mars that opens the doors to more than the usual war and politics.

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