Comic Book Review: Dejah Thoris #7


After the search for Ephysium, it was hard to see where they would go next for Dejah Thoris. As I always admit, I am only familiar with this character through recent stories, so there’s much left to the imagination as to what adventure or misadventure she can get herself into next. We could see more of the scientific Dejah, maybe a version of her that is more battle-ready, or overall just a Dejah at a point where she can differentiate being herself and being what she needs to be in the moment.

This point they have chosen was interesting since you could only assume that this is a story taking place a bit later than the one that had recently concluded. If they are giving Dejah the room to carry out scientific missions and so forth, it must have been because of how she proved herself before. While it was sad not to still have characters like Sajad, it was at least showing progression that Dejah could proceed forward interacting with new people. That including more interactions with her grandfather. There’s only so much that someone like her can do in her own bubble without pulling in more to her orbit. The new scientific mission took some time to address in its actuality, but it was a cool twist that the immediate problem was trying to figure out who is behind this Zodangan plot to destroy the Helium naval fleet. This kind of problem seemed right up her alley since what you admire about Dejah Thoris most tends to be her critical-thinking ability.

As the start to a new story arc, it was a very different side to Dejah that we were seeing this time around. She was more confident in her actions, and had very little reason to hide her intentions anymore. She may call herself a princess, but she acts like she’s more than that, as she should. Our new character, Keel, was a nice addition to the cast as the next person who would have the back of Dejah like Sajad did before. It was an entertaining dynamic between the two. Mostly because Keel had a lot to prove about his worth, and then there was Dejah who didn’t seem ready to give him that room to prove himself. The conversation was a refreshing change of pace with that said since Dejah has someone who is probably closer to her age to speak to. Keel has more energy and vigor put into his actions and words.

Who the traitor turned out to be, and what plans he had for the Helium naval fleet was handled with excellent pacing. They got straight to the point for the plot to thicken, which is something I credit to this creative team for understanding when it comes to taking advantage of excitement from consistent momentum.

What I appreciate the most about this art team is that the quality of work is constantly improving with each passing issue. I don’t think I have ever felt disappointed for the fact that the pencils become sharper, they take advantage of the creativeness in Dejah’s armor consistently changing, body compositions are never without form, and they never let us forget the elegance to technology on this planet. Focusing on just Dejah Thoris, I liked the way that she stands out from the rest. It’s not just in the way she response to people verbally or through body language, it is the way she looks. Wearing the most armor I have seen in a while, it is a strong reflection of the position she carries and the way she holds herself up. The headpiece with that said will always come into question, but those are the questions that will drive you crazy. New characters and ships were introduced as well, both of which grab your attention for not being things you have seen before. Valentina Pinto’s colors stood out in this issue for the way she nails textures, lights, and shadows. The combination of those three things on top of a strong range to her colors really made the interior art pop.

Dejah Thoris #7 threw us straight into the next mission and what that has in store for the Helium princess when trust is the enemy. An excellent transition from the previous story arc, with pacing and suspense you are once again set to brace yourself for the worst there is to overcome.

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