Comic Book Review: Doctor Strange #2


Magic in space, three words I would have never put together for Doctor Strange till now. The previous run of this series broke new ground, and this one just keeps pushing forward when the Sorcerer Supreme finally steps out of his comfort zone to find a new source of magic beyond dimensions or alternate realms. Of course that is to say that this would be easier said than done. I mean how do you find magic or defend yourself with no magic at all?

It was a tough pill to swallow seeing what happens to a powerless Doctor Strange, where he has no friend to hope for an escape. His situation so far is very different from Tony’s experience in space. I liked that very quick into this space adventure Strange was hit with the reality that this was going to be dangerous. The very first destination leading him to entrapment was unexpected, and again a tough pill to swallow. When the guy has been down, they proceeded to kick him again.The first half of this issue in some way was a continued humbling of him as well. You would never imagine a hero like him being forced to do the things he had to. A reliance on wit and magic clearly plays a big part in what makes him formidable, because when you take that away? This version of Doctor Strange is all that you are left with.

This ally that Strange encountered was a bit convenient for what she came to that planet for, but she offered a cool alternative to what its like running into someone from a different dimension. That was how you could really tell that Doctor Strange was out of his element. Someone who has traveled so far, and yet when it comes to aliens is easily stumped when finding proper engagement. How this led to Strange understanding his purpose of being on this planet, that was when things got interesting. Part of me was more prepared for him to encounter more elegant sources of magic, but there was more technicality to it in actuality. A good way to shake things up considering the average sorcerer on Earth would not consider be so bold in their application of magic. His escape from this planet was a good taste of what can happen when he finds magic that is beyond the requirement of a tab. When you remove that from the equation, amazing things can happen, and that is exactly what was delivered by the end of this issue.

Getting to this new character herself. The kind of magic she studies in, and her clear intellect made her someone you instantly connect with. Her opinion of Doctor Strange as an Earthling was nothing new, but as a fellow sorcerer she shared an exciting attraction to the very thing he needed most. In general, she is the kind of character that comes with the necessity in breaking that barrier that you know will keep him from getting to other places that would be sure to give him the same problems.

It should also be mentioned that the narration was a nice touch as well. That added atmosphere to what makes this feel like an adventure told from a different perspective, or one from the future.

The artwork for this issue was a step-up when there was much more to take in from beyond Earth. It was now that I felt complete comfort in Jesus Saiz handling the artwork when everything about this so far has been unique. Not to mention I have noticed a steadier hand at how clean these pencils have turned out. Especially when it came to this hostile civilization. In this issue you could see more of what made them seem like geniuses when you set aside the ones that are clearly used as muscle. Their cities were stunning in the background, their spacecraft, their devices. All of it was rendering in a way that you were believing what you were being told about how advanced they were. I should also point out that the suit for Strange was refreshing from his normal outfit or colors. The last thing that you can say is Stark-influenced, but is fitting. Now when it came to this new magic, artifact, and ally, that was also creative from the perspective of Doctor Strange. New signs, a spectacular display of a major spell used as well. The colors I found true appreciation throughout this issue. They had depth, they were organic, overall it was masterful when the times came to see something brilliant.

If you couldn’t find the place to jump into Doctor Strange’s story before, this is not the time to miss jumping into a new space adventure experience that he has never had before. The best hero tales are when they are thrown out of their element. That is when heroes rise and pull off the impossible. Issue #2 captured that shining moment perfectly with a first real taste of magic without consequence.

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