Comic Book Review: Doctor Strange #7


We’re back on Earth, there’s a new mission, and a whole new set of problems to tackle which should challenge the Sorcerer Supreme beyond what happens when he lets curiosity get the best of him. This change in direction I admittedly am still getting used to. I was so pumped for what that cosmic adventure still had in store for Strange and Kanna given his power boost. This was a change that I wasn’t prepared for to come so soon, and it really did come out of left field.

With that said, given clarity to this new situation, it is exciting to see what happens when another ghost of Strange’s past comes back for revenge. Especially a ghost from his past that further represents the troubles that come for those who get too close to the Sorcerer Supreme. This Casey is a refreshing enemy for Strange since she is another sorcerer who can really match him on the same level. Without a clear motivation or value for other lives, there was much more to fear from the actions she would take to get what she wants. I think what I was admiring for most of this issue was the fact that Doctor Strange was facing someone who he couldn’t go all out against. He’s not the kind of guy who holds back. So it is different when there is someone he cares about enough that he will look for other ways to get the job done without leaving someone hurt in the process.

Now Kanna and Bats had an entertaining dynamic on their end. What they found was a solid twist to the situation, but it was the approach that grabs your attention. Bats once again showed that he has a brain you shouldn’t underestimate being a dog, and Kanna proved once more that she always has something up her sleeve that is applicable to the situation at hand. Her kind of magic is something to take notice of when for every spell that could solve a problem, there is just as many items that can produce the same results. This was a good lead into finally getting to know where she comes from and what drives her ambition to further this bond between magic and science. This origin was quick and to the point, but it also gave you more reason to invest in the relevance she carries in this story. I only hope that what they are teasing for her doesn’t inevitably hit that brick wall of predictability for things that go wrong when spending too much time with Doctor Strange.

I was only a bit disappointed when the end of this issue came and we finally could learn who has been pulling the strings of this series of events. It seemed like we were getting around to breaking some new ground, and we did in some areas, but it took us in circles back to a rivalry that tends to be overdone. For some readers this may be a big development for the story arc, but for someone like myself the reveal ended up leaving much to be desired.

It was really all hands on deck with this issue. I was a bit taken back when I looked at the line-up of artists and to see that there would be a lot of hands involved in the interior work. To some extent it made sense that so many could be needed with all that went on in this chapter. However, when you have that many artists you expect that the quality will be amazing. This was great, but it wasn’t as mind-blowing as that would have made you feel it might be. With that said, there was plenty to take from this issue whether it was dealing with the power that this new Doctor Strange wields, or the sense of wonder that came from a certain character finally exposed to the same opportunity that Stephen had to up his game. The detail in that workshop was still impressive for the distinction in the structures and tools at their disposal. The level of spells used also stood out for the way they popped during key scenes. The colors were bold, they were vibrant, and they had a natural glow to them. Particularly the colors that were used to capture natural elements.

Doctor Strange #7 took what has felt questionable about this change in course for Strange’s story, and added a bit more thrill to where it might take us. The enemy behind it all was a bit of a let down, but hopefully what follows in the next issue will make up for what you probably could or should have seen coming a mile away.

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