Comic Book Review: Dodge City #1


Not going to lie, I wasn’t so sure how I would feel about this book. Books that center around sports/hobbies can often be hit or miss. The last book I got hyped for that was like this was all about LARPing (Live Action Role Playing), and sad to say that that one did not meet expectation. So there was some skepticism here about how you would take dodgeball seriously. Nonetheless you never know what will surprise you until you give it a go.

I was pleasantly surprised by the way this story turns out. Would I have rather a character already comfortable with the sport of dodgeball? Probably, but having someone who is new to the game probably opens up more opportunities for exploration. There was a good range of characters who had experience, little experience, and just different perspectives of what dodgeball meant to them. It was fairly engaging since everyone does these things for different reasons. It could be a fun thing, they could take this seriously, it might just be something they do because there’s nothing else they might excel at. In the case of Tomas, he fit an interesting role where he had to still figure out what this was to him. It shook things up that he was thrown in with a team that wasn’t all too successful at the game. Created a lot of room for growth between him and the others. Especially when it came down to fitting in with this team in general.

The strength of this first issue definitely came from the focus on what it is like to be someone new to a sport and not know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Some will jump in already having the kill and ability, but not Tomas. It made a big difference that he would join this team of players who struggle getting a single win on their own and still somehow make him seem like the most embarrassing thing they’ve encountered.

As for the characters, there was a lot of diversity which was to be admired. Even just that small part seeing two characters interact in a different language was refreshing.

The artwork for this book I felt was crucial as a selling point of interest. To that degree I do think that they satisfied through visuals that created the atmosphere of a story that didn’t take itself too seriously. I enjoyed much about the art that made this fun. Most of these characters look like they come from varying walks of life and backgrounds. Not only this but they all for the most part have a distinct style to the way they carry themselves. Tomas as our main character did have a thing with looking like that goofy kid who is forced to grow out of his habits, and that is the only thing I do hope he evolve from soon. A lot of his actions and reactions remind you of an anime character  which can be distracting, though just a bit. Aside from this, I’m glad that the color work is tame. It could have fallen flat or have been too vibrant, so finding that middle ground was the smart play.

Dodge City #1 had a solid start, with potential for much more that there is to learn about the world of dodgeball. This creative team chose an interesting approach that we haven’t seen before, and that might be the best thing that this book has going for it.

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