Comic Book Review: Domino #3


As I have said consistently since the premiere of Deadpool 2, this is a great year to be a fan of Domino whether the movie version or the comic version. The difference of course being that us comic fans who follow this ongoing get to enjoy more of Domino every month. I absolutely love the approach that Gail Simone has taken to the character. A new exploration of her luck powers, a stronger engagement through her personal life, and more entertainment in the life of a mercenary.

So getting back to Domino’s adventure, this has been one heck of a wild ride in just the past three issues. Ambushed, her powers a bit out of wack, and struggling with the fact that someone who says they are her friend may be an actual enemy. They get into some real problems for someone like Domino quickly. You can have all the luck in the world, but that doesn’t mean that those around you will find themselves just as lucky. Whether that was the case in this situation or not, that was something good to have in mind which also helped fuel this thing between herself and Topaz. That confrontation was the highlight of this issue because we were able to see what Domino is like when she takes the gloves off. Having a gun in hand and luck makes things easy enough, but the real fun is what happens when you back someone like her into a corner. That is when you can’t deny what makes her as dangerous as some of the other lethal mutants.

With that said, this was a great time to also further push what it is that drives Topaz and her conspirator. This issue was a good start for teasing that there is a genuine reason for the hate, and probably wise that they aren’t giving away every answer altogether. When you look at the larger scale of her powers, some things simply make sense when it comes to the price you pay for good fortune, or the price someone else may pay for yours.

Where this chapter takes Domino is very interesting for the fact that it seems the intent is to take a deeper exploration of Domino’s powers beyond what is known. It is refreshing that someone is willing to challenge what simply happens, and what could probably be controlled.

The flashback to Domino’s past was appreciated when it is not everyday that a writer is willing to address some of the troubles that she went through growing up. I mean if anyone did, that was more than likely years ago, and not the kind of justice Domino deserves as a mutant who most people should want to get to know more intimately. Through moment like that you could come to understand why Domino is hesitant about connecting with people or letting them get too close. Most of the mainstream mutants and X-Men were lucky in their own right not to have gone through the same experience.

The artwork for Domino I have come to enjoy very much for how expressive the approach is to each scene. Some artists really struggle capturing genuine emotion and response through body language, but this art teams handles it very well. The same goes for the actions scenes as well. The intensity hits the mark when every hit looks like it hurts and is met with the right emphasis through blur or impact. Something else that I have come to enjoy about the interior work is the way that they capture Domino’s powers in combat. It is interesting to see how that works when she is just using her body, rather than guns. It puts into perspective what she sees as weakness versus what she does to best actively counter. As for the color work, I was impressed by the balance of warm and cold colors considering a majority of this was taking place at night, over water, and with the surroundings on fire. Then of course there was the flashback which had a bleak atmosphere to where Domino was being held.

Domino #3 is another fun issue that puts the solider of fortune to the test. You would think that life is easy when you have the power to practically have everything go your way, and then you pick up this series to find out that you would be wrong. This shake-up to her life and relationships is clever when most who handle this character might fall victim to Deadpool-like mercenary shenanigans.

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