Comic Book Review: Domino #5


This battle has truly become personal across the board. Neena is finding that danger is just attracted to her, while her friends are finding out that maybe they should have been more afraid of Topaz and Desmond. The action never stops, and that’s just how you like it if you’re here to further explore the life of a mercenary. Well that and a story to Domino which has been untold up to this point.

Starting with Neena and Shang-Chi facing down some of his enemies was a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand you have the fun that Nina throws into the mix, the seriousness of Shang-Chi, and the awkwardness because at the same time Nina can’t entirely get over her crush on him. It was a recipe for a lot of things to happen both good and bad. On one hand it was cool to see how her training could be applied when her back was against a wall, but at the same time there was the problem of Shang-Chi’s involvement in the fight. He wasn’t a part of this in the way you would have thought would be. Where you feared that he would become more of an obstacle, he genuinely took on the role of her master in a way that redeems any doubts about his reliability. The turnout created one of the most entertaining scenes of the series so far.

As for Diamondback and Outlaw, it was interesting to see how they fared against Topaz and Desmond. Things were over and done pretty quick this issue, so it was what came after that grabbed your attention most. Information has a different effect on people. For Diamondback and Outlaw to get their update on what has led to this point, that was engaging. They went looking for revenge, but what they really got was an awakening to what wasn’t as it looked on the surface. I’m glad that Topaz and Desmond even had someone to connect with on some level. That is, even though moment was fleeting. If you were looking for these two enemies to find that point of no return, they did and I do believe the moment came with perfect execution. Not enough these days do we see mutants like them who are so broken by their experience and prefer their own company to other mutants. Now what shocked me was where this path of Topaz and Desmond led them by the end of this issue. There are some lines you don’t expect crossed, and this was definitely one of those issues where you expect the unexpected.

My only concern is that we still haven’t had this idea that there is a traitor confirmed or squashed. That is what led everyone to where they are now, so I would hope that soon we can get some pay-off from that twist.

Initially I wasn’t all too sold on this change of artist because of the change of pencil styles, but I did get used to Michael Shelfer’s work when he did a great job with the scenes where it mattered most. Without a doubt one of those kinds of pencilers who does better when there is a stronger perspective on the character or what’s going on in a particular scene. Most of the fights were more exciting when you could see them up close and in full detail. Especially when it came to the way Domino’s powers worked against this army of villains trying to take her on at the same time. It made a big difference to see the way her powers worked when she was trying to control them, and when she allowed her powers to work on her own. The way she moved changed drastically considering it was all a state of mind. Which in turn meant you were looking at two versions of  That aside, there was much to find appealing about the color work. Particularly when it came to the club scene. Plenty of colors to work with that popped, cold colors in particular, as they should between the floor, the lighting, and the way both set the atmosphere for the kind of action Domino delivers.

Domino #5 overall was a thrilling issue for everything that kept you on the edge about Neena controlling her powers and both Diamondback and Outlaw finding out the hard way that Topaz and Desmond are as dangerous as it gets when driven by so much pain.

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