Comic Book Review: Doom Patrol #2


doompatrol01-677x1028If “Doom Patrol” #1 was the point where you test the water, then “Doom Patrol” #2 is the full on cannonball dive. With “Doom Patrol” #2, Way, Derington and Bonvillain get much deeper into the big picture of their story. With lots of reveals, “Doom Patrol” #2 will put a smile on most readers’ faces.

After coming across Robotman and getting a new roommate in Terry None, Casey wakes up on a new day and moves on like nothing happened. It’s a great idea until she’s called into work to deal with a difficult man who doesn’t want to cooperate with the police. Things get even weirder when Casey is introduced to some new potential allies.

“Doom Patrol” #2 hits the ground running and doesn’t stop. This really works for it as it already did a lot of groundwork introducing us to Casey. We now have the chance to see things through her perspective and because of this, the elements that aren’t probably known to newer reader don’t feel as off putting. Without spoiling too much, major “Doom Patrol” characters factor into things (one is on the cover) but Way doesn’t expect or want you to know all the answers. When Casey is unsure, you should be unsure but what works is that this is a cohesive story. There’s a beginning of this issue and an end and it’s easy to plot out how you get there. The references to the history don’t become a hindrance and I believe that’s the best way to approach this story. The Niles Caulder interludes continue to be a ton of fun and the way these characters all interact is incredibly charming. I want more of this series the moment I finish an issue.

Like the first issue, “Doom Patrol” #2 is gorgeous. Derington’s art continues to perfectly capture the weirdness that is “Doom Patrol”. The first few pages are laid out in a nine panel grid and it tells a beautiful and tragic story all told through closeups. His work has a beautiful, animated spirit with characters having big emotional responses to what’s happening around them. There’s a sequence involving Robotman that makes him into this true, physical force and in between this fight, there are cuts to Casey and it creates a great frantic feeling that throws us right into the story. Bonvillain’s colors continue to astound. “‘Doom Patrol” #2 features these alien creatures that actually feel otherwordly compared to what she’s doing with everything else in these pages. They feel like digital creatures living in a 3D world and this isn’t easy to pull off. The outdoor sequences take place in an early dawn hour and so Bonvillain blends oranges and yellows and it makes it feel really different as far as it’s setting. This is a bold and bright book from the first pages of fire to the sound effects.

“Doom Patrol” #2 is an even stronger issue than the first and it continues to be a series with a lot to unpack (in a fun sense). The writing is charming and the art is gorgeous. For longtime fans and new fans, “Doom Patrol” completely delivers.

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With lots of reveals and even more gorgeous art, "Doom Patrol" #2 proves that this series has the legs to go far.

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