Comic Book Review: Eternity #2


This is the book to have on your pull-list from Valiant if you are looking for boundaries to be pushed. Going where no hero or villain has gone yet through the godly pairing of Abram and Myshka. Through the first issue we got a solid understanding of what these two have been up to while out of the picture, what leads them on this new journey, and what is developing beyond our world that could stir up such divine entities.

The events of the first issue also kicked the urgency in Abram and Myshka getting their child back in gear. Like I said before, pray for the soul of anyone who crosses these two when they are pissed. Right now I like this side to these two that I am seeing. They are powerful beings, but situations like this remind you of how human they are at the core. That was never a problem for Abram when we were first introduced to him, but for Myshka her motherly instincts genuinely took over. Sure there is still fear for them traveling this far to a place they are not familiar with, but the fact that they are going to such lengths for their child says a lot. Especially since being a god on Earth is very different when dealing with the likes of those who exist in Eternity. Throwing them this far out of their comfort zone and into a vulnerable position was too a wise move.

Exploration of this Unknown beyond the barriers of our reality continues to be the point of interest for this series. There lies everything creative and new about exploring this corner of the Valiant Universe. Every new development in this story is something we have never experienced before and that is refreshing. As they said, this is a universe of immensely powerful beings and advanced civilizations has evolved parallel to our own. You want to see how different these people can be compared to those we have seen up to this point, that and the places too.

With that said, the big question still remained. That being what these majestic inhabitants want with the child of Abram and Myshka. An Observer is important from the way they talk about this role, though we were yet to see exactly what this role entails. That or why someone in that role would need to be sacrificed.When that answer came, everything started to make sense. My biggest concern when it came time to explain this situation and conflict is that the idea might be too complex. Some writer do tend to get caught up in a story like this getting too intricate and layered for the sake of being thought-provoking. Matt Kindt handled this perfectly and straight to the point when it came to what these Future Lights and Past Lights are fighting for.

Being a miniseries, this explanation couldn’t have come at a better time. Abram and Myshka are where they need to be and ready to take action. That leaves two more issues to really get into the thick of this war and the outcome that you hope leads to these two getting their child back.

Taken from words in this issue, the artwork did create a beautiful visual of what it is like to travel somewhere and every location being like turning the page in a book. This statement alone made what I said before about this being a new frontier sound like an understatement. That seems too easy of a word to use for these places we are being taken and how they defy what we see as normal or possible. As cool as some of these beings do look, it goes without saying that the settings are what convinces you that we are beyond reality. Trevor Hairsine, Ryan Winn, and David Baron keep us engaged through this issue keeping everything new to us visually. There was no disappointment in them capturing this new perspective on life. I was caught off guard that you could still see some who you would assume are human just based on appearance. Others like most took on a more obscure form which is a good contrast from what you would label alien. The best thing they could visualize here was how some of these beings could be dangerous to the likes of Adam and Myshka.

Eternity #2 proves why this is the quality you get out of your story/art when you strive to breathe life into new characters, worlds, and concepts that pull you in to a memorable experience. This unfolding plot is the perfect challenge to throw at beings who would call themselves gods, only to face down entities that can honestly make them feel small.

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