Comic Book Review: Evil Ernie: Godeater #1


Evil Ernie Godeater #1-Cov-A-ParilloNow this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of Evil Ernie, but my knowledge of this character is also very limited. I decided to give this a shot because it looked like the perfect time to get to know this character. Dynamite tends to do very well when it comes to stories like this that will reintroduce the character to you if new. I mean just from the cover you kind of get this picture that Evil Ernie is a fun guy to follow. From what I got out of this first issue I have to say I found myself impressed.

I did have to go back and read up a little about the kind of person Evil Ernie is, what kind of powers he wields and so forth. Though I think Justin Jordan from the start gave you the gist of what you were dealing with. Off the bat he really is a fun guy who lives up to his name. Now it took some time to build up to what the plot is about or how it involves Ernie, though until then you were simply enjoying him for the chaos he brings to the table. Does what he wants, doesn’t like his strings to be pulled, and soaks in all the destruction along the way. Happened to like Smiley as well. They have some good dialogue going on between them. It would have been dull if Smiley was someone who only tried to be a voice of reason. So it was absolutely humorous that he ends up being just as twisted as Evil Ernie. I mean why have just one nut with a bad idea?

While things are humorous, it was better to be able to see how the tones could shift when things get serious. Things still felt a bit vague in terms of this threat, though the threat was still real. Enough to make you care about what could have happened to Ernie in that fight he finds himself in.

What scene Evil Ernie: Godeater #1 started on will need some fleshing out as well, though it served well as the bridge to making Ernie vital to Heaven and Hell. Becoming the hero of circumstance so to speak.

Now when it comes to Colton Worley as an artist, that is nothing new to me and I have for the most part always found is style to be astonishing. I say for the most part only because there were some things Ernie does here and there that was hard to really comprehend. The style of painting that Worley uses can at times blend things a little too well where what should be distinct isn’t. Now with that said, the way he draws Ernie is very appealing. He looks laid back, like your average anti-hero with the difference of looking like not the most friendliest to approach. His colors really bring it all together between the reds and greens. The greens representing Ernie and his power, the reds representing the enemy, and the pale yellow that represents Heaven. Speaking of the enemy, I would say Worley succeeded in making the Godeater a being that is to be feared. Looks intimidating, has the numbers and the size over Ernie.

Evil Ernie: Godeater #1 was a fast read, though it gives you much to look forward to with Ernie being pulled into the thick of this end of the world situation. He’s fun, he’s foul mouthed, and there’s always something entertaining about a guy like him who is reluctant to be the hero or soldier.

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