Comic Book Review: Evolution #1


I’m not going to lie when I say that the cover was the first thing that drew me in to this book. The last book with that style of cover art I loved because it to some extent covered a similar kind of story as well. Evolution off the bat felt like a book where they are experimenting in a cool way. A regular comic that actually has four writers involved? And four great writers I should say as well definitely grabs your attention.

Off the bat what interested me when I first started reading Evolution was not knowing who was writing what part of this story. You have James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Joshua Williamson, and Christopher Sebela as four different writers involved, and normally they will be quick to make sure you knew who handled writing what part of it which was not the case here. Somehow I actually like this approach best. You simply know that they all had a hand in this rather than being able to be given the room to dissect this based on the writer. I would hope that they themselves do try to hold that mystery at all if it still is to most. That creates one less thing hat you are judging the story for other than for what is right in front of you.

For Evolution itself, the concept was a big draw-in for me giving this a shot. To put it simply, they are asking what would happen if in this day and age evolution was suddenly triggered once again, though for us. Human evolution took millions of years for us to reach this stage, but what if this stage was only just another stage to climb past? You can’t say that the part of you with curiosity doesn’t jump at the opportunity to explore what that kind of world would be like. Would it be wondrous? Horrifying? Confusing? For these three characters we follow, chilling would probably be the best word to describe their experience so far. It definitely felt a bit chilling to me considering even knowing to some extent what these characters would be faced with, you weren’t prepared for that moment of execution. I remember seeing the scene with the doctor at the backfill of some other books months prior. I didn’t know that was Evolution or what was really going on in that scene. I simply felt myself spooked that a boy would develop gills on his side like that. With more context now that feeling is still the same when these are not the changes you dream of.

These characters caught me off guard for the fact that they all come from some very different places. Only one of them really fit into that world of science and evolution, the other two were pretty much thrown for a loop like us. I’ll give them credit for thinking of characters who are not typical or your definition of normal. Their situations and lives are quite unique, especially when it comes to how they stumble upon these changes. I liked most how for one of them all it took was a word in a different language to trigger that wonder and shock about what was going on.

Joe Infurnari and Jordan Boyd are a team in which you couldn’t have asked for better. Understanding how astounding the interior work would be was as easy as soaking in the cover art. You got the same quality inside and out of this issue. If there’s any way that this story could get under your skin, credit goes to the art team and their approach towards visualizing an evolving world. Starting with Joe Infurnari, his pencil work is impressive. The way he draws people and faces in particular you recognize most for the detail he puts into them. He even has his own distinctive style that comes with the scratching that overlays everything. Doesn’t get in the way rather than add to the atmosphere of this story. It keeps you feeling on edge since this isn’t one of those stories where evolution means you get superpowers. There was no holding back in showing us these normal people, and how twisted things can get when the people they run into are not in the best shape. It was either something they did or the way they look physically which escalated what should have been a normal moment. I will say that there were some scenes here and there were the lack of defined form or focus made it hard to tell exactly what we were looking at, but it was nothing that distracted too much. Jordan Boyd on the other hand is an artist I am familiar with and he added so much to this story through his colors. It wasn’t even the way he applied warm/cold colors, or the depth of his colors that grabbed me, it was the personal touch he gave this selection of colors to match the theme of Evolution. He had this colorful overlay over top which made everything about this visually unique.

Evolution #1 kicks off the new global phenomenon that you don’t want to sleep on. Some will tell you that you should welcome change, not fear it, but Evolution from the start will tell you that there is plenty to fear when you are talking about real change. The kind that will change every life forever.

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