Comic Book Review: Evolution #10


To say that these characters have found themselves in too deep is almost an understatement. One might run from this kind of terror, but these five characters are just running straight into the fire. To slay an enemy, to understand it, or to survive it. No matter how you look at this, they looked into the abyss and there was no turning back after that choice.

For Claire and Rochelle, I was taken back by the way that they have individually processed this new reality they have been exposed to. For Rochelle in particular, this was a life-changing period for her. She was betrayed by someone she loves, which in turn led her to become infected by this parasite, which in turn has led to her introduction to people who are probably more interested in making her one of them than curing her. As for Claire, I love the range of emotions that she has gone through. She knew what she was doing when she started working with Hurwitz. There was an understanding that something wasn’t right about him, but none of that really bothered until it afflicted someone close to her. The way she reacted to the parasite came naturally. She somewhat believed, but she really had to see how deep the transformations really went for herself. Facing the consequences of her actions was a tough pill to swallow, but she has come a long way from that girl who was completely in the dark about what was unfolding around her.

The big anticipated moment for this issue was seeing just what happens when given the opportunity to witness the birth of a new Evolved. That scene could have turned into something predictable as with most things involving a strange birth, or it could have been something that really fit into the craziness of this world. I was glad that it turned out to be something a bit more unique to Evolution. A great build-up of suspense, great execution once this thing started coming out of the pregnant mother, and the right finish to show us a different side to the Evolved that we weren’t prepared for. It was also very subtle how they tossed in a change for Hannah in the moment.

As for Abe, I don’t think I can get too shocked about his actions at this point. He has made it known that he will go to great lengths to find a way to make the Evolved hurt, and also has no problem with the methods in which to make that happen. I would say that he is the most predictable of our three main characters because he runs with very little obstacles in his way. Only the number of people who he has had to step on in order to stay ahead. I only felt confused this time around when it came to what point in time things were going on for him currently. Was his present actions in the present? Or something he was thinking of from the past? His dialogue is great, but he had too much of a tendency to fall all over the place. That’s not to say I didn’t know, but the way his part of the story progressed made you question those things, even if just briefly.

There’s nothing I really say too differently about the artwork for this issue, but I can compliment on the way that the Evolved were drawn this time around. My main concern with them was that the need to destroy the sense of form that these things had, made it very hard to picture what we were looking at. Maybe that was the point they were going for, but it was a bit rough on the eyes because of it. Especially when such a strong range of reds are used to create their composition. So with that said, I think there was a lot more clarity to the way they were drawn out and that added clarity to each frame. There is always engagement in clarity which should not be forgotten. That point came close with the Evolved birth, but it was still easy to follow nonetheless.

Big things are unfolding through the events of Evolution #10. We got a taste of the terrifying, and the beautiful. It was pretty much the best of both worlds, with the added layer that the horror can also come from humanity. Abe is a twisted man for better or for worse.

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