Comic Book Review: Evolution #11


For what’s going on right now, this is where you want to be in Evolution. For as invested as one can be about the unfolding mysteries, sometimes there can be one too many questions we are left asking ourselves about what’s happening. Right now is where you can truly get excited for what this story has to offer since there is a true direction to be seen from these characters and the spreading of this phenomenon. What matters most right now is what happens when these characters are left with nothing but the way they respond to this evolution. Do they run? Hide? Embrace it? Or fight back? That is what we are here for.

For Abe, it was a tough pill to swallow seeing what he has been up to lately. You can give credit to the guy for genuinely fighting back against this evolution when no one else seems capable to understanding what’s going on around them. However, that’s where it ends once you dig into the methods to his madness. The way he uses people, kills those infected in the name of science, taking back his son with questionable intentions. That last part is what hit you hardest right now. After everything we have seen Abe do to those he would have once called friends, what is he capable of when it comes to his own infected son? The suspense was pretty painful when there was no clear answer to this while he was continuing on doing his mad scientist things. But it wasn’t until an inevitable conversation where you could understand what he was trying to do. You have some respect for him regained, yet at the same time you still are left wondering what lines would a man like Abe cross for the part that he believes his son plays? We will have to wait for an answer to that, but the wait should be worth it with more personal stakes involved.

I would have to say that Hannah is the only disappointment, but not in a bad way. There is always someone who will try to find that obscure meaning to something like this, and she perfectly fits that role. While the horror is in what happens when she is surrendering herself to this big, you equally experience the fear from someone like Juan who is sitting there on the sideline only able to watch in terror as nothing around him seems right. If we were just to focus our attention on Juan, his writing is something to appreciate considering the madness that he can’t stop or control. Not even to save someone who is a friend.

Claire’s story has been a treat. I mean, all this time we were pretty much led to believe that she was such an important person to these evolved creatures, only to find out that it was Rochelle? That is a good twist if you ask me. Now we may not know what importance it is exactly that Rochelle has, but her experience being infected by this bug is a strong contrast from someone like Hannah. Hannah is still very much herself, but Rochelle is in the midst of actually becoming something more. What you have to ask yourself next is, should we be afraid for this? Or should we be more afraid for where Claire fits into this development? Because I fear for both currently when their lives can never be the same as they were before that fateful day at Mr. Hurwitiz’s. Being thrown with the people at top was a great move. The two perspectives also keep you on your toes about what to expect from them.

I think I very much enjoyed the artwork for this issue. The interior art is always at its best when you can tell what’s going on. More importantly when the scene has to do with the Evolved. I loved the way they were captured in this issue. The varying forms they took when condensed into the shape of a person, what it looks like for someone to embrace the bug, and the way those more chosen entangle between being evolved and human. Hannah’s scenes stood out most because of the execution. You had her prayer, the twisting of her words and the evolved voice. It only got better when you have this dead expression that should be filled with chills when embraced with the grotesque mass of the bug that she is surrounded by. That unfeeling embrace is what it means when you think of the stuff of nightmares in this world.

As far as the climax goes for this second arc, I think the events of Evolution #11 nailed what we needed to get out of the story at this point. The character decisions matter more than they ever did before, and they did not disappoint either. The horror is the way they have taken in reveal of the Evolved to them. An experience only human in response whether agreed with or not.

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