Comic Book Review: Evolution #12


As the end of the story arc, there are some big expectations for Evolution. This has been a story with great pacing and momentum, but now is the time to crank the ideal just a bit for us to really get a taste of what a world looks like when control over this phenomenon has been lost. We are genuinely at that point now where this cult has made their presence felt in the lives of these three characters across the globe. The time for subtly has passed.

Lets start with Hannah. Her story wasn’t the first to spiral out of control, but it still takes the cake when she has really given herself to the infected for the sake of understanding. It really sends chills down your spine when realizing how far faith can take you for better or for worse. Her body and mind has been twisted, but that doesn’t seem to scratch the surface of her worries. I think that was a great exploration of her mind to tap into. Especially when so easily we weren’t able to notice that not everything was as it seemed here. That twist thrown in was perfect for someone of her case. To challenge Hannah, then you have to challenge what is really an act of god, and what is simply nature.

For Rochelle and Claire, this was a trying time for the both of them. What do you do when caught in a world you don’t understand? And what do you do when you are trapped in that world and lose everything that originally made you who you are? In the case of Rochelle that was a big question to ask when understanding the changes to her body meant that in the process she would lose such attachments to humanity like her own girlfriend. The answers we will work up to, though it was also Claire who had some big questions to ask. Her questions came with answers that really changed everything we thought we knew about this story. Shocking that there was much more to this than the simple concept of evolution.

Just when you think this creative team couldn’t terrify you more through the actions of Abe, you then jump back into his story with another example of how he has lost his mind along the way. War is war when fighting against a threat that aims to steal this world’s humanity away from them, but the lengths that this man has gone to get the job done is nothing but disturbing. The great thing about his story is that the horror is always consistent. He is on ground zero of the event and getting his hands dirty. That comes with the human element to this story that they make sure you can’t overlook. Even if the Kavalis are the enemy, there’s no denying the troublesome nature of humanity when the experience followed through the perspective of Abe has been anything but humane. I mean, to even bring his son into this madness? He may be on borrowed time, but that is no life to drag a kid into.

The interior art for this issue was again standout. Nothing as crazy as what we got in Evolution #11, but just enough we got out of this added to the sense of horror we should be taking out of this book right now. As usual, my biggest worry was bout the clarity of the artwork. I get how messy things are supposed to get when dealing with the bug and those infected, but part of believing in what yo use is actually being able to see those things take some form. This issue placed more focus upon the characters and that did wonders for the overall engagement. There were many important conversations which unfolded that said a lot about what we actually needed to fear or anticipate. Where they spread their legs was with Abe’s story. It always works well when they jump into the coldness of his story through the blue overlays, on top of the reddish gory of the bodies he continues to leave behind. There was much more to appreciate about the colors in general when there was a few more colors tossed in to highlight different scenes. Green is an excellent choice for horror and creating a sense of unease.

Evolution #12 brings us to the end of the second arc, and now is where you can say that this story truly takes off. Both sides of this conflict are fully aware of the situation, for the most part, and the name Kavalis is not much of a mystery anymore. Now we just need to see what happens now that there is no turning back.

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