Comic Book Review: Evolution #13


Since Evolution went on break at the end of the last story arc, for the first time I was really looking forward to what came next since the plot was finally picking up. Not in the sense where it was slow and now picking up speed, but in the sense where there is a lot more unfolding with the plot. The transparency of this situation is peeling away, and with that there is a lot more to expect and fear about what comes next. Its good to have Evolution back with issue #13 when the wheels are now turning in a big way.

Abe’s story was just sad at this stage. You don’t know if you feel worse for him or his son. Abe has crossed some lines that you just can’t come back from, but it doesn’t change that there are two lives at risk of his decision-making. Being that unstable isn’t a suitable environment for a kid. All of this being the perfect recipe for something to go wrong. The only question being when and how. When that time came? The execution was great because it was a situation that you would not have guessed they’d get caught in. It said a lot about the escalation of the infection around the world.

Hannah’s story is the most contrasting from the other two when the horror remains in the way that she embraces the changes. Faith can be a scary thing in her case when logic is truly tossed out of the window. It made a big difference when you could finally have someone with less of s filter thrown in her orbit to speak some truth to what has developed. Words such as this person’s may not be enough to get through to her, but that is also the point. How far will Hannah go for answers? Without actual proof of a God, how easily will she accept the Kavalis compared to Claire? There are plenty more questions which come to mind, and all of them challenge what goes through the mind of someone so convinced that all of this is happening for a reason. That is dangerous in its own way.

As for Claire, the atmosphere was chilling for the fact that she is caught in the middle of this madness and doesn’t have a genuine relevance to the bigger picture. Unlike the other two you fear for what that means for her. If Claire can’t be convinced to accept what she has been exposed to, will this be the end of the road for her? The writing is great for the suspense put into her situation. It helps that the guy at the top is someone who enjoys hearing himself talk. His stories are quite poetic in their own way. Nonetheless still a scary individual since we still don’t know how to classify this guy as a threat. That is yet to be seen, though now Claire is the focus. I think the point where she is at right now is where we have seen the strongest writing for this character. I loved her response to this guy who plainly explained to her what was happening in the world and where she fit. Her answer showed growth, maturity, and an understanding in what she really needed to protect.Till this point I thought that we were ready to cast her aside for Rochelle. I’m glad that this is yet to be the case.

The best thing about books like Evolution when they go on break? When the book returns, that break usually revitalizes the quality of the artwork. Fortunate for us that was the case with Evolution #13. With more focus on just the characters, there was much more to appreciate about the detail that went into them, their actions, and their responses to what went on around them to sell the horror. From the perspective of Hannah and Claire in particular the human qualities popped out the most. Especially for Claire. I enjoyed the perspective given to the state of mind that she is now in. It made a statement when visually you could see this girl who should be scared and is simply fed up with what she has been put through. The lighting was just right, and well as the coldness to the look she gave this guy at the top. For Hannah, it was mostly the look of indifference which carried the weight of her story. That is what comes with the kind of faith she indulges in. I also liked the bits here and there where they showed the infection crawling out, only if slightly so you remember that she isn’t human anymore. As for Abe, nothing stood out till the very end of the issue. Once again I appreciate the color distinctions they give between the stories, and between humans and infected. It sets a mood when what you are reacting to is right in your face.

Evolution #13 was a great return for this series, and this new story arc nailed the kind of progress we needed to see from this story right now. The situation is getting worse, everyone has made their beds, and now they have to lie in it. The only questions remains as to who will survive this experience.

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