Comic Book Review: Evolution #14


Now that the story has picked up again, Evolution is now taking us into that phase of the overall story where the stakes are higher and there is a thinner wall between mystery and truth. Evolution #13 last month was a great return for this series, and the new story arc so far has nailed the kind of progress we needed to see right now.

Big steps have been taken with the story of Claire and her evolved partner Rochelle. To say that the distance between these two is widening is an understatement. You have Rochelle who is becoming something more than your average evolved, and then you have Claire who is ordinary yet bold enough to challenge what these evolved stand for in order to protect Rochelle. Now the big thing was seeing just what Rochelle had evolved into next versus the reaction that this transformation would receive from Claire. You would think that her efforts would only go so far as Rochelle remained something familiar to who Claire loved. That goes double in terms of appearance. The execution was right on the mark considering these are new developments for everyone.

Abe’s story continues to crush you when seeing just how far this guy is willing to go to fight back. You may not agree with the method to his madness, but it is hard to argue with the fact that his actions come from a good place. One where he has someone to protect and will do anything to keep that going. This issue changed things for me, to some degree. Up to this point I was never truly invested in where Abe’s story was going. He seemed like the underdog who was ultimately doomed to fail. However, when you set that idea aside, there’s much more to appreciate about his perspective when it is explained plainly. The story he told to break down what he has been up to was clever. One which made sense for something that many can relate to. Who hasn’t screamed to the high heavens about something dangerous and ignored? Doesn’t that danger usually come around and make those people regret their ignorance? We might not be making more progress at the moment, but surely the bigger picture begins to feel more compelling.

At this stage it is hard to see the end game with Hannah’s storyline. Her journey might matter more to some, or it might be where she stands in contrast to the rest of our cast to the others. One thing’s for sure, she has the most obscure story told for everything shady which transpires on ground zero. Who would really be bold enough as a healthy human to interact with what the evolved have become? This kind of work leaves much room for things to go wrong. With that said, it was fortunate to see that patience paid off when we run into the first story to finally begin the interception of another. Not at all what you would expect, and set things up for something bigger to unfold in the following issue.

A solid issue for the art team this month. For the most part there was a strong sense of consistency with what we have gotten out of each passing issue. Engaging character focus which establishes the personal stakes each of our cast has in this story. Credit to them for the clarity we have been able to take from these recent issues as well. That is sometimes hit or miss depending on the strength of the color overlays. What did manage to stand out this time around was the transition between scenes. That occurred more than most issues and fortunately every cut was smooth enough that you didn’t feel taken out of the story. The best thing to come out of this issue just so happened to be the transformation of Rochelle. That had to be the most creative design that struck and interesting balance between being grotesque, looking wholesome, while also having some form of elegance to her presence. The colors made a big difference there. Particularly the tiny yellow bulbs which were like her version of glitter.

Evolution #14 takes us leaps further into the transformation that this world is taking on. You are either accepting the changes that come with the evolved, fighting back, or just looking to survive the experience. The pay-off from this issue was perfect for finally getting us to a point where stories can begin drawing connections to one another. That is when you know we are approaching that climax.

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