Comic Book Review: Evolution #2


Evolution last month had a chilling debut. Skybound has a lot of stories to offer from their library, but I was not prepared for when they would finally take that step towards true horror. Not to say that they don’t have a few scary out there, but none so easily reach this level of disturbing. Evolution captures the fear in this world when you are talking about real change. The kind that will change every life forever, and the kind that you don’t see coming. Especially when the initial question is what ties together a college dropout in Santa Monica, a rogue doctor in Philadelphia, and a nun in the Vatican of all people in the world.

With the nun, or Hannah, that was where the horror really kicked in. Its one thing when you are the other two and bearing witness to these changes, though it is another thing entirely when you are the one going through the changes. It was mortifying in both thought and visuals when those first moments of revelation are the most painful due to your curiosity and panic. There is suspense in her story considering she needs answers, not in the best position to get answers, and the clock is ticking for whatever is happening to her. If anything, the last place you would ever want to be going through what she is going through is a church.

As for Abe, he stuck out instantly as the one who actually believes that the people are evolving. It is through Abe that we get a logical perspective on what we know so far is evolution and the way this has been flying under the radar. He has the strongest connection to the question of how you make others believe that something like this is going on. I mean how would you explain to people that they aren’t done evolving? Simple things are hard enough to prove to regular people without a ton of evidence to back up your claims. That’s when the terror begins when dealing with a scientist like Abe. I like how they are walking that line with him that he is willing to go to some great lengths in order to make the truth known. This story sets him up so you want to see Abe’s voice heard, but you don’t want him to go down the path he is taking to make that a reality.

Claire’s situation was a point of interest because she hasn’t quite put the pieces together. She has had a run-in with something unexplained, but unlike the other two there is nothing that would lead to the assumption that this is madness. For Claire, this is just another act of madness, and fairly traumatizing if you ask me.

There’s a lot of things you begin to take notice of from this art team. Things here and there that add to the atmosphere that this book carries as a horror book. From here you can genuinely see the fun that Joe Infurnari is having with the freedom to get twisted with his distortions of the human body and mind. When you think of evolution, you think superpowers and amazing additions that make you better than the average person. However, Infurnari shakes things up by showing that these mutations can be a scary thing when you are essentially losing everything human about you in the process. It’s painful, nauseating, and not for the faint-hearted. It is through this issue that the art team puts a stronger focus on the monstrosity that can come from these evolutions. Some examples we have seen are small or not too significant, but other mutations are full-blown and the stuff of nightmares. It helped that Boyd has such a good use of brushes to bring out the intensity of these scenes. The overlay of his colors over top continue to make everything about this visually unique. Great for the tone, showing distinction of key moments, and transitioning from one character to the next.

Things are getting real in the world of Evolution by the end of this second issue. You can definitely see how much work this creative team has put into this book that Skybound allowed them to experiment with. Still not too certain who is handling what here, but for now I like that mystery because you are looking at this like a single moving organism than a bunch of pieces.

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