Comic Book Review: Evolution #3


Moving into this third chapter, there’s much more to anticipate from this horror story as this phenomenon becomes more clear. You’re either a part of it like Hannah, witnessing it firsthand like Abe, or coming to terms with it like Claire and Rochelle are. These three experiences are chilling and exactly what you expect when you stare into the abyss and it looks right back. Some try to turn away, some don’t, and others simply can’t.

Through Claire and Rochelle, there was the fear of the unknown that begins to kick in. They could have easily seen what they saw and moved on thinking it was all in their heads. However, having that visual of the tape to go along with it made even denial hard to accomplish. Their perspective is one to appreciate because there’s no true direction for them unless they willingly allow what they saw to consume them. They don’t have the horror of experiencing the transformation like Hannah, or the madness in proving the existence of this phenomenon like Abe. If anything propelled them forward, it was the tension built from how they wanted to move on from what they saw. Whether they believed what they saw or not, the clear fact was that what happened in that moment wasn’t right. It was all different from what I imagined to get out of these two characters, but there’s something to love about their contrasting situation. Not to mention these two at the very least have each other to confide in unlike Hannah and Abe.

Events with Hannah really took an intriguing turn with the way the church tries to cover up the dis-configuring man who showed up on their doorstep. This was the first time we had gotten any hint that this evolution so-called evolution might be more than what could be assumed to be an act of nature. I felt more drawn-in to her story because this was also the first time there was fear of other people as well. Hannah disobeying the church in the pursuit of answers was bold considering they want her to look the other way and aren’t too willing to tolerate anything more. The Father of this church’s response to her said all that needed to be said about what needed to be done next if Hannah wanted to figure out what is happening to her.

Before this issue, I would have said it was an understatement to say that Abe is the only one who seems to have noticed mankind’s evolutionary leap. Evolution #3 takes big leaps forward to challenge just how oblivious people can be to these changes around them. It is an interesting problem they created here. I mean if the world was going through these changes, would people really be thrown into panic over it? It’s not evolution in the same sense that we normally speak of it, but all the same on this scale one would assume that mentally this might become normal. A scary thought that now Abe is plagued with as nothing is right. How do you convince people that this is wrong, when you are looking at these people and they can’t see it for themselves?

Joe Infurnari and Jordan Boyd have a great dynamic to their approach of this story. I enjoy that this story visuals reads horror in a number of ways rather than one. There’s no shock value that you are seeing from the characters, rather than normal responses such as panic, frustration, confusion, and more. At this point you can tell that they are using colors to distinguish one story from the other, and I do find that to be the wise choice. It shouldn’t be hard to tell when one story ends and one begins, but you can never assume with readers these days. The blend of these colors as well I love more because they create shape, depth, and atmosphere in their own way. Lets take Claire and Rochelle’s side of the story for example. There is a greater range of colors used for them living in Beverly Hills, and that works for their story being a bit more grounded than the other two. I think if there was one thing that bothers me a little, it is that there are times you can’t tell exactly what you are seeing when it comes to those infected. You can get messy with these creations, but you also don’t want to lose too much form in the process.

Through the events of Evolution #3, the plot thickens and no one is safe when there is no turning back from that initial experience. No one here is affected the same way and that is probably the best thing this story has going from it. These perspectives are unique, and these characters have so much to lose in their own way. This is a book you don’t want to overlook as the excitement lies within the mystery.

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