Comic Book Review: Evolution #4


Sometimes the best horror is the kind that can turn your stomach. I still remember the time before this series debuted, I would never have guessed that their story would so quickly jump into everything that is disturbing about the idea of evolution. We all have this idea that it will be the most amazing development, but this series quickly makes you think again when the possibility can also come with losing your humanity in the process.

With it said that Claire would find herself reconnecting with a known murderer, it wasn’t too much of a shocker to see who that would be. She has only really interacted with two other people in the past three issues. What you were actually bracing for was what would happen during this meeting. There were many questions to answer about what she has now been exposed to. Is all of this real? Was it really a person murdered? Just a few things off the top of the head, though where their conversation takes us is in a different direction. This guy has strange motivations and its hard to put your finger on what his end game is. There are things you can trust, but more things that you cannot because he’s hiding things.

Hannah’s story continues to stir feelings of discomfort since she is the only of the three who is actually falling victim to this evolution. She is having that firsthand experience and that is the perspective that you tend to expect will shake you the most. Finding an old friend to confide in about the infected was the nest best step for her. This could easily go right if she was meeting with the right person, or it could go wrong if she didn’t get the reaction she needed. I felt captivated by her story because it went deeper than you would have imagined. There had to be a reason for her reaction to what she had seen, and a reason why she would so suddenly start going through these changes after meeting that man. So far we know a lot more about Hannah than the other two and it was a nice exploration that happened in a short amount of time.

The you have Abe who is just falling into this descent into madness. Most people exposed to something as crazy as this might run in the other direction, but Abe is not that kind of guy. He’ll look right into the abyss probably hoping it will look back. With that said, he captivates you for the fact that he is seriously willing to sacrifice everything for this fight against the disease. Whether he can pull ff the impossible or lose himself in the process is what you anticipate with each dive into his story.

This issue’s artwork is a bit more toned down than those previous, but that didn’t hurt the story one bit. I felt like this chapter required a more human touch to the character stories, and that is exactly the effort they put into the artwork. For the things that Claire knows, her perspective of things are more down to Earth. There’s a sense of curiosity written on her face that comes naturally for someone in her position. The mellow tones complimented that very well. Shifting to warmer colors for Hannah continues to be the wise choice when the panic sets in around her. The clock is running against her, and that calls for more intensity. Especially for Claire who visually breaks out of that shell of your average nun. As for Abe, the cold colors work perfectly for the chilling atmosphere to his side of things. He’s walking down a dark road and he just looks like a man who is constantly on the edge between his actions and expressions.

Evolution #4 was a great step forward for this story when the focus this time around leaned more towards substance and context. The experience from these three characters is so drastically different and that is allowing for exploration of a phenomenon that usually might be limited or weighed down by cliche. Everything about Evolution so far is refreshing as they tap into the human condition when faced with the unknown that takes place within the body.

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