Comic Book Review: Evolution #5


Back into the terrors of this world and I’m not sure you would want to be any of these three characters. The experience from these three is so drastically different which allows for exploration of a phenomenon that usually might be limited or weighed down by cliche. Everyone has their own way of accepting the impossible. This creative team has been smart so far in offering up perspectives that challenge what most would deal with.

Wow, Abe’s story took leaps in this issue. His side of this phenomenon is so chilling because he actively throws himself into the danger. Would you do this? I surely would not, and that is because of the abyss that constantly look back. This was that time to lay all the cards on the table about the true nature of this virus, and they did not waste one moment of this reveal. There was of course some things about the virus that you could assume yourself, but not in the detail we received. To give the virus an active voice the way they did was exactly what we needed at this stage. Not only to give Abe something concrete to fight against, but to create a real conversation for the guy that isn’t just him trying to convince others of what’s going on around them. Even the one to follow was enough to make you shudder for how far gone this doctor is when the desire for belief calls for desperate measures.

When it comes to Hannah’s story, your heart cries out to her. To some readers it may be a struggle to accept the perspective of someone with a strong faith in god, but it is one worth exploring in this scenario. I mean how do you truly continue to believe in a god that would allow this? Not only to allow this, but to allow it to happen to you? Putting your trust in someone can only go so far and I’m glad they are pushing that boundary with Hannah. This conversation she had with her friend came out of necessity when she needed to be able to question the real reason she should want answers. Those answers are not going to be pleasant, and I love the scene they left us on for the shock in evidence.

As for Claire, I enjoy that her story is so distant from the other two. It makes it odd that they aren’t too involved considering what they saw, but they tackle a real life situation that is worth following. They don’t know exactly what they saw, all they know is that a man they know killed another man right in front of them. Ignorance is bliss right? Claire might have to learn things the hard way, but her personal situation makes the darkness of this evolving world too hard to walk away from. Right now the suspense is nice since the truth would probably hit her harder than the other two. Particularly when her life is probably the most normal. It made a big difference that the characters around Claire shape her story as well. Both trying to help or protect her in their own way.

A number of things really stuck out through the artwork this issue. First was the few ways that the virus manifested itself through Abe and Hannah’s story. Its interesting off the bat that Hannah is able to hide her infection so well. It pops out wildly when visible, but hidden as if there’s nothing there. It would be nice if they could show difficulty in concealing her changes, or maybe add some pain to her expression to show that the changes are consistent. With that said, they got bold with the way Abe is approached by the virus. To add more personality and intention to these things makes the threat more tangible. Especially when faced with the way these things can twist the human body to portray the idea of evolution. The page shining a light on those higher up for the virus was definitely a scene that was hard to overlook. Every time we see these people, the things they do, and how little sense we can make of their purpose, it haunts you. Their attire and tools create this image that they have been around longer than you would assume. The air of mystery would just be a plus., which works better with the yellow hue. In general, it is smart that the colors continue to distinguish storylines as it would be too easy to confuse where one starts and ends without it.

Evolution #5 pulled no punches taking us into the thick of this phenomenon. You’re either exposed to this world unraveling, or you should be bracing for that moment of revelation. This is how you take someone’s life and flip it upside down.

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