Comic Book Review: Evolution #6


No one is safe or fully ignorant to the way they have been thrown into the thick of this phenomenon. You’re either exposed to this world unraveling, or you should be bracing for that moment of revelation. For two out of three, this is a time where saying “Be careful what you wish for” is the most fitting response to their curiosity or need to play hero.

They have embraced the madness with Abe and the best results have come from this. He has gone to some great lengths to prove that he isn’t another loon, and it was about time that someone saw what he did for better or for worse. My jaw dropped this time around because the sky is apparently the limit with Abe. Just when you think this character couldn’t become anymore ridiculous in his attempt to play hero, he goes and crosses a line that he can’t come back from. He makes you question what you would have to give up in order to fight this bug. Will it take a monster to genuinely fight back? The answer to that question will carry our anticipation into the next month’s issue.

Hannah gets the blood pumping when she is both infected and throwing herself into harms way by looking for answers in the wrong places. Her reaction was very fitting for a character like her who struggles to turn away from people suffering or wronged. Having Juan with her was perfect for the dynamic that comes with someone who can see when a friend is being reckless. His perspective was one to appreciate since on one hand he understands the danger of this infection, and on the other hand he now understands what it means to be at risk of being killed as an infected person.

Compared to the others, there’s a unique approach to Claire’s story each month. You expect all of these character to find themselves fairly deep in the conspiracy, but here remains this air of vagueness to what she has exposed herself to. Pretty shocking that she hasn’t pushed to ask the right questions yet, but the fear at the same time lies within not seeing how she has made a deal with the devil. Suspense and pacing is key so far with that said. It goes without saying that the moment crap hits the fan for Claire, they will likely make up for all the time that her situation almost seemed normal in contrast to the other two. That aside, Rochelle was another side character who stood out this issue when it is through her that Claire finally gets a taste of what she got the both of them into.

The artwork for Claire’s story was where they had a little fun. There was a lot going on with the way they brought perspective to Claire’s conversation with Hurwitz. It was also interesting how they chose that one page to fit so many panels captures the lapse of time between her time spent with Hurwitz and lack of time spent with Rochelle. I was only a bit thrown off with Hannah and Abe’s side artistically because there is a point where you can’t exactly tell what you are looking at when it comes to the infected people. You want that dis-configured look that strips the humanity from the person, but you also don’t want to create something unnoticeable at all. That aside, you still have to give credit for how they distinguish what is infected through the strict use of reds for them. It makes a big difference for Abe’s side which consists of dark blues.

You get what you ask for, that seems to be the theme of Evolution #6. At this point now everyone in some way has found themselves directly involved in the undergoing of this rapid evolution. Drastic measures were definitely taken, secrets were brought to light, and relationships are shaken to the core. No stone was left unturned for those who have refused their chance at blissful ignorance to what is unfolding around them.

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