Comic Book Review: Evolution #7


With curiosity comes answers, the kind you want, and the kind you may come to regret. The previous issue of Evolution spent a good amount of time putting our main characters in positions where they had to choose if their current path was worth diving deeper into. I would say they have reached that point of no return, and from there the gloves would come off in where this conspiracy or phenomenon takes them from here.

Hannah’s story with Juan continues to be troubling, because trouble seems to be exactly what she is asking for when testing fate every step of the way. It made a big difference having someone like Juan around who has seen this madness, seen what is afflicting Hannah, and tries to process before acting. Hannah on the other hand challenges everything that would make you hesitate despite being in over her head and endangering more than just herself. It’s not a bad contrast since one brings out something in the other. It is unfortunate that in this particular situation they are facing guys who are armed and not looking to make friends with those who are sticking their noses where it does not belong. I wouldn’t say the discovery of who these guys are made too much sense, but progress on Hannah’s end is better than wandering based on the idea that everything is happening through some higher power.

When it comes to Abe, there was no shortage of bad decisions to be made, even if they were with the best of intentions. He is the very definition of a man on a mission right now. Hannah’s curse may be faith and curiosity, but Abe’s is the ability to consistently cross that line to get the job done. For better or for worse. In this issue we looked for where he would begin to turn into the monster he is trying to destroy, and I would say that they nailed the execution and build-up so far. There’s one thing you can’t deny about Abe’s actions in contrast to the others. He takes us further into this phenomenon than the other two when he is the one asking the right questions. He’s knows there’s a source out there, and he has been properly engaged by those who see him as a threat.

It was Claire finding herself caught up in this conspiracy that has endangered her girlfriend that I anticipated most. Neither of these two knew what they were dealing with at first, but it seems they have now gotten a clue, the hard way. The reveal that Rochelle would receive this response for trying to turn Claire away was gut-wrenching. It was only a matter of time before their eyes were opened enough to starting asking the right questions themselves, and the point chosen matched well with the momentum going in all three stories together. The end to their chapter here was very ominous which is a new feeling to be left with. Things are moving faster for them, and they really are not the most equipped for what lies ahead.

There wasn’t too much this issue that stood out artistically. Not a bad thing of course. I would say that there was a good consistency in quality from the issue before to this one. The only issue I had was with the small encounter that happened in the beginning with Hannah. It wasn’t too clear what was happening because of the color overlay. This was probably the first time that a human action wasn’t easy to see.

Evolution #7 is taking full advantage of the momentum that has built up. There is no one too far in the dark about this phenomenon anymore, and every choice made from this point forward matters more than ever. Particularly when there are more lives at risk than that of our main three characters.

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