Comic Book Review: Evolution #8


There is no one too far in the dark about this phenomenon anymore, and every choice made from this point forward matters more than ever. Evolution made that very clear, and the hope for this issue was that the creative team further presses upon the decisions these characters make based upon their differing experiences with the evolved.

Hannah’s story was questionable at first when she caught herself staring into the abyss. You already know the saying about the abyss looking back, and it sure did. Quite shocking when in contrast to the other two, she would stumble across this secret Evolved community who actually embrace these changes. You thought dealing with Abe was troublesome, and that was opening pandora’s box right there. Nothing more dangerous than people who will experience this madness and not see it as something to fight back against. The worst part? Hannah has already fallen deep enough to struggle seeing that as a woman of faith, this should have nothing to do with a higher power at work. True horror is someone like her seeing all of this as some kind of sign. The desperation for answers so consuming that she’ll take it from anyone without asking enough questions. You don’t easily convince someone of that otherwise. If there was any way to shake up her world, this was one heck of a twist. Especially since her actions were putting more than her life in danger.

Regardless, this still didn’t discount what was terrifying about the lengths Abe has been willing to go in order to fight back against this Bug. The other two might be a bit predictable about their actions, but this guy is anything but that. He keeps us on our toes because there’s no telling what he’s planning until things go right or crap hits the fan. He’s aware of the likelihood that he will pull off a win, but he’s still able to go the length to make sure that the evolved know that they aren’t as hidden as they would like to appear. I only hope that within the next few issues or so we can see what happens when they are ready to respond to the line of messages they have been left every time Abe finds one who he can twist to his needs.

As for Claire and Rochelle’s side of the world, there was more suspense and tension on this end because neither have fully experienced the horrors of this bug. Rochelle so far has been a breath of fresh air from Hannah when she has her eyes wide open to what she has been infected with. If you were to put yourself in either one of their shoes, you would probably lean towards Rochelle’s attitude about these developments. My only problem is that I can’t see why any of this should drive a wedge between her and Claire. Sure, Rochelle is rocking the boat a bit and might end up biting off more than she can chew, but you should be willing to do anything to save someone you love. With that said, where this story ends for the issue was the best takeaway in quite some time. At this sage, this is where we should expect to see more depth given to those at the center of this phenomenon and a bold step was taken forward for better or for worse.

Like any issue before, the artwork was appealing for how unique the style is for each story told. The colors so far have made a big difference in setting the mood and atmosphere for this story. It could not have carried the same tone under a different light. My only issue here is the same as before where certain scenes involving the evolved are hard to distinguish. There’s no true shape to some of them. That may be the objective with the way they mutate, but at the same time you still want to be able to see some sort of shape that you can turn around to someone else and explain. Beyond that, the most appealing work done by this art team had to do with the reveal of the big guy on top for the evolved. A fairly disturbing scene, yet also interesting since we could see someone who is not only fully evolved, but with sentience.

Evolution #8 continues to take big steps forward, and right now progress is key. Not to mention momentum because what keeps us coming back for more is the anticipating to see how bad things can get before they get any better. If there is such a thing as getting better in this world.

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