Comic Book Review: Extremity #1


Normally with books like this I try to jump into it knowing what to expect from it at least on the surface, but Extremity was hard to get a good read on until flipping open that first page. The best I could look forward to was a good story about vengeance. That only disappoints if the motivation for such an action doesn’t come with a strong drive.

From the very first page I felt drawn into this story because they did not pull punches in the opening scene that would define what is it come of this story where this girl would take such a violent path. Clearly there had to be some sort of loss to motivate Thea, but there was more to it in that moment that sell you on the path she chooses to take. If there was one thing that grabbed my attention from Extremity it was always the cover. Wondering just what must have happened for this girl to lose her arm, and it didn’t slip your mind either that she must have had some sort of skill in artistry. I feel as though this is one of those stories that you shouldn’t jump into unless you are prepared to get a little down for the kind of life Thea lives. Not just her, but her family who are in the same frame of mind as her after that opening scene so tragic.

The world building is a crawl, but it is something which captivates you through the artwork. It’s hard to say what kind of period in time that this takes place, but it is clearly a world a bit far off into the future. Though that is only an assumption by the look of the technology they use compared to us.

Extremity #1 has excellent pacing to it. There wasn’t an expectation to be thrown straight into the action, but you could feel the tension from this clan and family who would risk it all to get back at those who ruined them. This takes us places very fast, especially for the father who has a strong presence and demand for actions rather than words. Hopefully in time we will get a bit more clarity to what was done to him personally aside from the loss to Thea and in their family. Aside from that, as far as driving forces go he is one to be reckoned with which is great for keeping the story going in one direction. That is until Thea shows you just what it means to seek vengeance, and then from that moment Extremity has hooked you.

I’m always impressed by any writer who can also find the time to be that and the artist for a book. Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer blow you away with this first issue as you looked at the cover one way only to see how the interior work is just as beautiful if not more. Off the bat Johnson is scary good at the way he depicts this world’s level of violence. I was expecting some gore and brutality here and there, but he takes the words hack and slash to heart. Everything he drew here felt like it came from his own mind. Like this is his vision of a world where this kind of sci-fi tech and action exists. That spark he looks for, he definitely found it in the emotion brought forth through all these characters who have everything to gain and lose. That look of despair he creates the right fuel for the things this clan does. From the first page I was in love with Mike Spicer’s colors. The blending of his colors and saturation really set the tone and atmosphere for Extremity. There was beauty in the scenery around them for the way Spicer applies warm colors, though at the same time you could feel how bleak the situation is from the darker shades which emphasize the seriousness of the story. Above all his colors are just organic be it the way he breathes life into the characters, the clothes they wear, the blood they spill and the world around them as a whole.

Extremity #1 is a strong representation of what any reader likes about Skybound’s books. These stories and characters push boundaries most comics aren’t bold enough to. This first issue of Extremity holds so much potential for what happens when you strip what someone lives for from them literally. How do you make yourself feel whole again? This is a story that aims to live up to its name and you should brace for every moment of it.

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