Comic Book Review: Extremity #10


This is a great book to kick off your 2017 with if you ask me. Extremity has been a story which engulfs you in the darkness of this world, but allows you to see that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. You can rise above the pain, the grief, and loss even though no one ever recovers at the same pace. Especially when it comes to some of these characters and the influence of the world they are born into.

What happens with Thea and Rollo next was big for their journey’s progress. Annora’s attack on the Essene shook things up in a big way when their troubles would catch up with other people who didn’t need to get caught up in it. It was disheartening to see the fracture that was building between Thea and Rollo, but it was about time that they addressed what they were leaving behind by trying to move forward. Sure, the distance between them and Jerome was necessary, but family is family at the end of the day. It would be just as gut-wrenching if they turned around and never looked back. With that said, their exploration of the Hall of Dust was great for exploration. What we learn that is most crucial comes from the places where there is nothing to obtain but knowledge.

It was a sad realization to see just how far Jerome has allowed this grudge with the Paznina to take him and his own people. We know what this machine’s intended effects are, but there are a lot of factors to still take into account about its use. His response to this and the lack of care said enough about how much this vendetta has consumed him considering there really is no turning back. Right now he is the perfect example of what happens when you can let your own grief destroy you. Many people can relate to his level of self-destruction even if the specifics of the situation aren’t the same. The scene we are thrust to on his end was heartbreaking for the fact that this is the only way this could go. Regardless of the outcome, the losses and the violence was all you had to look forward for. Nonetheless you would still brace for what follows since Jerome clearly did not know what he was calling with the beacon or truly unleashing when it was activated.

Everything begins to connect by the end of this issue. What you thought would create one problem, ended up creating a whole new set of problems. Thea wasn’t the only one who learns the hard way that peace never lasts, and for better or for worse that is how it should be with this story reaching a climax. Regardless, Thea’s decision made a big difference when it feels like this is everything we have been working up to. What happens when you begin to see the big picture rather than what solves your own personal issues.

Through the events of this issue, the art team nail it once again delivering things that you haven’t seen before. The Hall of Dust is yet another unique setting we are able to explore and continues to make this world one of a kind. As I said above, nothing engages you more than what helps you further learn about this world, past and present. Every room they stepped into represented something you either already knew or were shocked to discover. They really did keep everything which creates a lot to take in visually with each flip of the page. Quite impressive when you sit there wondering how much time had gone into the detail that went into all of this. The art, objects and much more. The color work grab you just as much just because of the time that equally has to go into breathing life into a place like the Hall of Dust. The colors for the structures, the lighting, and the overall atmosphere that matches with most of the Essene. With that said, the colors were just as great when it came to this beast unleashed by Jerome. Definitely one of the most inhuman creations/transformations we have seen so far and was something to fear for the nasty flesh color.

With only a few issues left in the series, Extremity #10 as they say is not pulling any punches. This is not just about a war between Roto or Paznina anymore, it is about saving these people from themselves. Extremity and this creative team has done a standout job of capturing what it means to be human. The pain, the compassion that you try to extend to those who need it most, the harm you do to yourself and others. All things that play a big part in this world and how it turns.

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