Comic Book Review: Extremity #11


One more issue remains after this issue, and that is a tough pill to swallow if you have truly felt captivated by this story. So far it has been worth the praise for the power that comes from exploring the topics of hate, revenge, loss, forgiveness,and family. You would never even expect that kind of story from one set in this setting, but this creative team pulls off the impossible with each passing issue. Just like how they have cranked the dial to eleven with recent developments that makes all the petty squabbles between the Paznina and Roto pale in comparison.

Everything now is coming full circle between Jerome finally unleashing his big attack against the Paznina, but at the same time revealing that there was much more to Shiloh than meets the eye. I enjoyed this development very much because it brings up some good questions about the past and challenges who is truly friend or foe when someone you trust turns into a monster that very well may lay waste to a lot of lives. What came next was exactly what you would hope for with so much now at stake. The force that drives this story are its characters being able to growth with every new encounter and obstacle. That is what we got here through those of the Essence opening our eyes to a world that aims to evolve past the conflict that traps the others. To make that move next to go save them from themselves and the monster Shiloh became was a strong emphasis. Especially when this is our opportunity to see Meshiba sink into her role as the new Great Mother.

Even who decides to join the fight with what is now on the line was a pleasant surprise. Growth is only meaningful if everyone is given that opportunity to experience it.

When it came to this beast unleashing its assault on the Paznina, the question that followed leading up to this moment was how they would properly make this thing a threat to overwhelming numbers of both Roto and Paznina. Little time was wasted in showing just why this was the worst case scenario for everyone. A monster with this kind of power and endurance is a force to be feared. If it were even the monster you had to worry about, than this would probably be too straightforward. As I mentioned above, the challenge here is that the monster is only an added contender in this war.

The tone was different when following whatever was going on with Rollo. He’s a character with so much hope for the future, even when at every turn he meets forces that would see him falter. From the minute he stumbled upon a certain room in the Hall of Dust last issue, you had a pretty good idea of where his head would turn to with his friend in danger. I’m so happy to be able to say that Rollo really is the breakout star of this story. He was someone who I at first was turned off by for his reluctance to help his own family. Though with better perspective of this world it was easier to understand where he was coming from and why he was someone to respect when things got rough.

I felt blown away by the artwork for issue #10, but this issue they still find a way to impress through stunning visuals. Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer deliver the full package through action and exploration, though for this issue the effort leaned more towards the action. From the look of the cover you could already see the unique way that the Essene have prepared themselves for battle. If they were to take up arms, it was a wonder as to what they would use of wear. I’m glad that they had that mix of hi-tech while still making it all look both practical and salvaged. It was then awesome to see how many more winged-beasts they had at their disposal, and it was definitely worth the effort for all of them to look different. As for the monster Shiloh became, the creativity to the form it took was crazy. Smart on their part to shift completely to this mass of organic matter that still retains the ability to use machinery. The splash page for its big entrance was fantastic for the detail that went into that scene. The inking and colors in particular stood out as well there. Speaking of colors, Mike Spicer outdoes himself consistently here through the colors he brings to the settings. A lot of things go on here, but the settings were gorgeous, destruction aside, for the atmosphere that is constantly changing along with the way he uses these colors to create perception/depth. With that said, having a lot of things going on at once, he also handled distinguishing all those little things very well. That says much about the time they put into this visually overall.

The final battle did indeed start, and by the end of Extremity #11 we are left with nothing but dread for how this will all end. These two factions are sooner to kill each other than work together, and this monster has a high chance of being able to kill them before they can eliminate the other. There are plenty of ways this story could hit this first half of the finale, but this was not one that you could have predicted. The human element plays a big part in this story and that leaves so much to chance when its anything goes from here. Even with the big clash that this concluded on.

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