Comic Book Review: Extremity #12


Here we are at the finale for Extremity, and it has been a wild ride getting to this point. I don’t think we’ve run into a more personal story that could have taken place in a world like this. Not to mention one that could impact us so much in a matter of twelve issues. That’s impressive if you ask me. But let me stop myself there as there’s still the actual conclusion to get around to first.

From the start of this issue we were thrown into the fray. There was a lot to take in between Rollo’s fight, Thea’s part of the fight, and everyone else who still wasn’t seeing the big picture in what’s going on around them. With that said, I’ll start with Rollo who has consistently impressed in this series since he broke out on his own. I don’t think anyone could have guessed that this is where he would have ended up, but his rise to becoming a hero has been refreshing. You look for that symbol of hope in this world, and he has represented that so well as someone who refuses to crack under the weight of this world’s conflicts. The kind of person and sibling that Thea would need at his side. The kind that any one of us would need at our side which makes the writing for him so engaging.

Then you have Thea who has finally reached that point where she sees beyond the vengeance and hate. I have not been disappointed by her growth through trial, error, and surprise encounters with just the right people to influence her change in perspective of the world. The same could be said for Annora to a lesser degree, but all the same her character development has been excellent for the same reasons. Both got a true reality check from their experience and that was all you could ask for from them, for better or for worse.

The end of this story was beautiful. Not for the reasons you were probably hoping for, and that is what made this so special. Sometimes we get so used to that happy ending, or satisfactory ending, but that’s not all there is to the world. We got to experience a world where living the kind of life where the choice is in your hands is the best way to live or depart. Even leaving everything past the ending to your imagination was also smart. I like when nothing feels too definite, and this is a story that came off as one where the future is not written in stone.

From start to finish the artwork was engaging whether it was the action or the emotional weight they captured through this conflict. That fight between Rollo’s giant robot and monster Shiloh turned out so much better than I imagined. Johnson and Spicer held nothing back in terms of the damage that these two could do around them and to each other. What kept us at the edge of our seats was the reality that this giant robot was not invincible as Rollo pushed that thing to the limit. For a robot I was impressed by how fluent the movements were. As for everything else going on, it was definitely the emotion put into it from the characters that sold every defining moment. Whether it was some losing themselves to bloodlust, or others in a moment of sacrifice, they made a strong focus to shine a light on character’s true natures. Especially when it came to Abba and Annora’s mother. When it came to the color work, I was glad that this being a climax didn’t mean getting too crazy with the colors. Thing got explosive, which looked great, but at the same time there was a consistency throughout the rest of the story that kept things in perspective.

I will keep saying it till another book affects me this much, but Extremity has set the bar for fantasy stories alike. You can have it all in a world like this. The wonder, excitement, pain, and loss. There’s no limit to what your characters can experience like these did. Not when it comes to how people can drown in hate, lose themselves to vengeance, or how they can dig themselves out of that hole.

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