Comic Book Review: Extremity #4


Last month was a very informative issue of Extremity. There was a little bit understood about the culture of Thea’s people, as well as some other interesting tid bits which made this story a whole lot more interesting. They were not kidding when they said that this rod to violence would be challenging. This is a path never taken easily and I love that they emphasize the cost of this choice. To lose yourself to the anger, to move forward and remember why you do what you do, to have the stomach to even think about this kind of life.

Every moment counts. What you take from each issue are the moments where there are no fighting and these characters are alone to take in everything that is not anger and action. That is when we get to experience these characters when their guard is down. All the hurt they go through grabs you because they still have a long road ahead. For Thea and her father in particular we follow them together and it speaks volumes to what drives them.

Where this issue takes them is a solid change of pace. It’s as if they are working down a hit-list at the moment and this next guy was not what you expecting after the others we ran into. They were building up to this encounter and it was worth going through the other two to reach this guy who hurt Jerome and Thea the most. Jerome coming face-to-face with the man who killed his wife is a moment you have to prepare yourself for. This guy, this leader, is good at what he does though not for one second do you let that overshadow the rage he has pent-up inside. He has had quite the number of times so far where he has lashed out and this was where his fury was unleashed. The fight did not disappoint. I was actually more shocked that things went differently than usual too.

From the look of the cover, I was awaiting for what would put Rollo and Shiloh in a bad spot with the Roto. Something must have happened for either of them not to be in their good graces. What actually happens was more creative than there simply being a problem. It was actually something we should have seen coming since we were first introduced to Shiloh. For both of these characters they have a special place in this story as two who are still searching for their rightful place. Neither approve too much of the violence, and have a different view of the world.

This art team consistently impresses the deeper we are taken into this world. The issues before captivated us through the creativeness that went into the world around these characters. The creatures who inhabit it, and those things about the environment that fall into the category of fantasy. Though for this issue, the attention to the characters themselves grabs your attention more. From the first page I felt engaged by the pain that Daniel Warren Johnson nailed in being able to bring out in Thea and Jerome. These two go through some struggles and the way they carry themselves during times where tensions are low says enough. That includes the unstable set of emotions Jerome tends to go through when so easily he is able to become the person he needs to be when the time calls whether you are talking about the father or the leader. The focus on Rollo and Shiloh was also appreciated when seeing their perspective of the world is refreshing. Especially from Shiloh who suffers more from the things he does and used to do. Without a face it is tough to know exactly what is going through his head, though they more than make up for this through body language.

By the end of this issue it was easy to get consumed in the path Thea and Jerome have taken against the Paznina. This allowed us to be caught off guard and open to the fact that there is more than one path to take in this story. The weight of war and hate weighs on more than those two, and more than those two can b negatively affected in the process. Extremity #4 went the distance to reinforce what we were in store for when these characters fear what will be sacrificed for the sake of taking down the Paznina.

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