Comic Book Review: Extremity #5


The last issue of Extremity was a tough one to get through. We are all in this to see how far this family and clan are willing to go for their revenge and that was our first wake-up call aside from what they’ve already done to some of those from the Paznina guilty of the initial attack. We all also knew that Rollo didn’t have the heart for this kind of conflict one that would ultimately tear him away from his own people.

How this family moves forward from losing Rollo and sacrificing Shiloh was a big part of what I was looking forward to in Extremity #5. It is touching to see things from his perspective. If everyone was filled with such hate and vengeance we wouldn’t get enough engagement out of what it means to lose yourself to it. Rollo serves as that tether of humanity that you try to cling to even during the darkest of times. Losing him was losing that leash which kept any of them from hesitating before acting. It is strong character development when you can give a character like Rollo the room to standout and grab your attention. At the start of Extremity it could have been assumed that he would simply stick to the background or just be cannon fodder for some plot development down the road. I’m glad to have been proven wrong there. His conversation with a shutdown Shiloh was engaging for all the things that go through his head that others don’t seem to have the luxury to consider.

Getting back to Thea and her father what came for them next only felt natural. More so for Jerome considering he has pretty much given himself over to his anger and seeing this through to the end. At a point you do sympathize for him because he lost just as much as the others but he infects everyone with a need to step outside of their comfort zone. This book led us to question how far Thea is willing to go yet at the same time you have to ask yourself how willing she is allowing this world to darken her soul. There is a clear inner struggle in her mind that she isn’t given the room to ignore. Having her father to contrast makes it easier to see these things but it doesn’t make it any easier time after time to see how she could end up like him. Especially after what he does now that brings truth to what everyone else sees in this path of war.

Compared to Extremity #4, I felt a little more emotion from this one because that issue was about the actions. This issue was about opening your eyes to those actions and the truth when it is staring you right in the face.

This issue takes things a step further as we are visually engaged by the frustrations this art team is able to bring out in Thea and Jerome, as well as the depression Rollo is feeling after leaving his family and people. For the art team, Extremity #5 is more of a focus on the characters rather than the world around them. It was their time to show what really goes through Thea’s head when she does these things for Jerome, and supposedly herself. You see the sadness, the irritation of how others see her, the hate that she just can’t seem to fight off. On the other hand they also capture Jerome in a true light. His actions spoke louder than anything else this time around. The blood he spilled and the pain he caused created scenes where you had to step back and wonder who you should be rooting for right now. Mike Spicer I should commend for his ability to get into that sort of brutality without overdoing it on the reds. Some will overshadow a lot of important things but he makes it all blend in very well. There is even room to recognize the way he uses colors to set the tone and mood of certain scenes that are supposed to create a reaction.

Extremity #5 was more of a question as to far Jerome is willing to go. Thea may have the biggest decision to make regarding the path she wants to take but it takes moments and experiences like she has had now to understand what it means to lose yourself. Rollo understands this and chance encounter understands this as well. I love that there is this line where not everyone is willing to cross. Thea is walking it and I’m anxious to see where she falls soon enough.

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