Comic Book Review: Extremity #6


It’s never easy to watch a family fall apart. Losing a wife and mother can be devastating alone, but to see them losing each other to that grief is quite the experience. Rollo couldn’t take it and went his own way. Thea is only now beginning to understand just what she is becoming by allowing Jerome to drag everyone into his deadly orbit. So much could go right if they applied their emotions properly, but only so much can go wrong when the Roto are loose cannons.

Little time was wasted this issue with the Roto finally engaging the Pazinna. Definitely the best way to start this issue as the end of the first story arc. This here was the climax and they didn’t hold back in making this feel like it was an all or nothing assault. Truthfully I never thought we would have reached this point already in the story. Clearly it meant that they probably have much more planned for this than simply fighting the Pazinna, which created some excitement towards what will happen here to shake things up. Unlike the other battles up to this point, this one felt real. It wasn’t one-sided or a tactic. This was everything Jerome was working up to on his checklist.

It also didn’t take too long to find out what that fork in the road was waiting for the Roto. Too easy was it to forget a certain someone who was left behind not too long ago. The only person who could force someone to second guess a move that might have turned the tide of this battle. It was the right fork in the road to finally bring to surface the most important question of Extremity. What is the importance of family when blinded by vengeance? This here was the question Thea more than anyone else needed to answer. Rollo made his choice, Jerome made his choice, she was the only one still figuring out what she thought was right. For better or for worse, Jerome showing his true colors in this conflict was long-awaited. I do sympathize for the guy, and it is hard not to want to see him get his revenge. But not like this. The tension Daniel Warren Johnson creates here was perfect because there was no other way to look at this than a father who finally lost it.

There was one character who stole the spotlight here and I loved the way Johnson captured him from start to finish. The one person who saw the abyss they were all stepping into, and bold enough to walk away from it and do the right thing when it counted the most. Other moments stung to flip through, but this character got me as a true gem.

Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer blew me away here. From the flip of the first page they had you engaged in this small moment of suspense, blowing up into a full-blown war. As I will always say, it impressive when you can have so much going on in any given page and never lose sight of the image you are trying to bring to life. Some will cut corners, lose detail with changes in perspective, but Johnson doesn’t skip a beat. You get every solider on deck and I loved how the mantis can be so fierce while not sticking out too much aside from the color. Speaking of color, Mike Spicer you have to appreciate a lot for his ability to make blood and other visceral pop out without overpowering what is going on in any scene. He knows how to blend his colors which was more important than ever when you also wanted to capture some uniformity with the soldiers. The faded colors also worked very well in creating distance whether the battle was on foot or in the sky. Beyond this as a combined effort they made you feel the emotions that were expressed through these characters. The pain, anger, betrayal, there was a lot this cast went through in what felt like a short amount of time.

Extremity #6 brings this first story arc to a close and really does change the trajectory of the story as a whole. What seemed like working up to an expected outcome was really just closing one door and opening another. I’m glad with the way this issue ended because there’s now so much more opportunity to explore what this world has to offer. The good, the bad, the fantastic, everything.

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